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Study better with Visual Thinking

No description

Marco Bertolini

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Study better with Visual Thinking

Study better with Visual Thinking !
Before you start...
Step 2 : contact
Read slowly
Step 3 : activate your memory
Step 4 : reuse the matter
Use flashcards
Step 5 : review & exercise
Grasp the concepts
You need fuel
as a project !
Think of your studies...
Summarize with a mindmap
Dig with the 5 W's & 2 H's
Draw a timeline
Make a flow chart
Turn your mindmap...
Into a deck of flashcards
Compare with 2ble Bubble Maps
Ask for some explanation
Memorize lists
Teach !
Summary :
1. Have a strategy : courses = projects
2. Choose the right tool for the right matter
3. Vary the techniques
Celebrate !
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