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Kahlil Gibran on giving

No description

Aria Vaughn

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Kahlil Gibran on giving

By Aria Vaughn and Alex Foote Kahlil Gibran on Giving You only give little when you give your possessions, but when you give yourself is when you really give. Your possessions are only things you keep because you are afraid that you might need them in the future. You will end up just forgetting about your possessions. Like a dog burying and leaving his bone in the trackless sand. Is a metaphor of people keeping their possessions because they are afraid to give them up thinking they might need them in the future when really what they do is bury them away and never find them again. Metaphor:
"And tomorrow, what shall tomorrow bring to the over prudent dog burying bones in the trackless sand as he follows the pilgrims to the holy city?" There are people who only give very little to the many things that they have. They only give it to be recognized for giving something. So when they are giving something they are really only doing it for themselves to make themselves feel good. When people give to others but only for themselves it does not make their gifts mean much. It is good to give to people when asked to give but it is even better to give when you aren't asked to give. All the possessions you have will someday be given anyway. So if you give now you can choose the takers of your things and not your inheritors. There are people who give with joy, who are happy to give to others and that happiness and joy is their reward. There are also people who give just to give to make themselves look good. Anyone who is worthy of receiving life is worth of your givings. You yourself have to first see if you deserve to be a giver. Give to those who not only deserve it but to those who do not deserve it. If you don't give to everyone you're not giving. We are all receivers and we should rise together with the giver. To be so concerned of your debt is doubtful to his generosity. The truth is it is life that gives to life and you are just the witness. Main Theme:
The main theme in this poem is giving. Most important Quote: "It is well to give when asked, but it is better to give unasked" This quote is important because it is saying that it means more when people give when they arent asked because it shows its from the heart but when people give because they were asked it makes it feel like they are only doing it because they have to. Unknown words:
Coffer: A strongbox or small chest for holding valuables.
Unquenchable: unable to satisfy
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