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Water Conservation (Inman)

No description

Meredith Fossitt

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Water Conservation (Inman)

The Way to Save We at Inman Middle School have been studying our water bill and trying to find ways to lower the costs and save
water. This Prezi is specifically focused on our water bill.
We hope you enjoy our presentation.

The reason Inman's water bill
is so high in the summer is because
the HVAC is on to keep the building cool. The HVAC unit uses most of the water in the summer. When it starts cooling down in late September, the water bill goes down because we use less HVAC.
Be Water Wise Atlanta! There are a lot of ways to save water at school. One way is to talk to your school’s facility manager. Ask him or her to check your school's faucets for leaks. If they find any, they should fix them as soon as possible because leakage is one of the top water wasters.

Updating appliances also saves water. Our school, along with many others, has already switched to newer, more water-efficient appliances. There are many stores where you can update your school's toilets, showerheads, and sinks. The total cost of the 2009-2010 water bill shown in the graph is $23,501.70
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