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Sexy Chaos

No description

Demetrio Reyes

on 28 October 2010

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Transcript of Sexy Chaos

3/5 Compromise-1787 Cotton Gin-March 14, 1794 End of Mexican War-February 2, 1848 Lecompton Constitution Rejected-1857 Tariff of 1857-1857 Attack on Harper's Ferry-October 16 1859 Fugitive Slave Act-Sept. 18, 1850 Uncle Tom's Cabin-Mar. 28, 1852 Kansas-Nebraska Act-1854 Bleeding Kansas-1856 Attack on Charles Sumner- May 21, 1856 Dred Scott Decision-1857 Abraham Lincoln Elected President-Nov. 6, 1860 Secession of South Carolina-Dec. 24, 1860 Attack on Fort Sumter-Apr. 12-13, 1861 Made in 1787 and very controversial at the time. Slaves weren't considered a person before the compromise. Afterwards, they counted as 3/5 of a person. This was bad because the South would grow in power. Eli Whitney invented it. She thought it would put slaves out of work. Instead, it made them work even more than ever. The North didn't like that slavery was being practiced, though. vs America Mexico Winners! Losers! After the war, we acquired land. This was a problem because the North and the South would eventually start disputing over the territory. This act said that all slaves would be returned to their owners. This act was contoversial back in the day and the Northerners were increasing their efforts against slavery. Written by Harriet Beecher Stowe. This book showed how evil slavery really was. This made Northerners begin to act on the issue of slavery. and Kansas-Nebraska Act opened new lands and people in the states could choose whether their states would free or not. This got the North mad because the South was still acquiring slave states. Kansas was a battlefield for the North and South to decide whether Kansas should be a free or a slave state. All of the fighting in Kansas was but a small taste of what was to come in the Civil War. Preston Sumner Charles Sumner was attacked by Preston because he was talking behind Preston's back. On this day, Charles Sumner was attacked during a meeting with a cane. This indirectly showed how the North and the South were having grudges against each other. Dred Scott lost the case because he didn't own any property, he was considered property, and he was a slave. As a result, abolitionists became angered and this only made them want to fight for their cause even more. At first Kansas became a slave, but later on, the people re-voted and Kansas became free. This upset the South because it would upset the balance between the North and the South. North
(High Tariff) South
(Lower Tariff) The North wanted a higher tariff because they argued that America needed protection. The South on the other hand argued that the tariff should be lower because it wasn't needed. This was a disputed between the North and south that did nothing except make both sides even more angry with each other. Harper's Ferry John Brown attacked Harper's Ferry. John Brown's plan was to make a lot of slaves rebel at Harper's Ferry. Although John Brown's raid failed, it still angered the South because they were attacked by the North. One of the candidates he was running against was a Southerner named Steven Douglas.
Abraham Lincoln won, though. THE END! South Carolina The six other states that would follow South Carolina America (the tree) South Carolina seceded from America in because they were unhappy with the election of Abraham Lincoln (he was from the North). Shortly after, six other states seceded from the Union so they could keep slavery intact. Attack on Fort Sumter is considered the beginning of the Civil War.. This attack was because South Carolina had seceded from the Union.
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