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Evaluation - Question 1

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Khem Slawson

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Evaluation - Question 1

These are the techniques we use to create meaning of a desired idea or a way of doing things. Technical and symbolic are the two important categories that we have to consider while we’re filming. This is because we have to think how we use the equipment and technology in order to structure a meaning. For example, we have to use close up shots if we want to focus on the characters facial expressions. Also, we have to think how we are going to make the meaning obvious to see for the audiences such as specific emotions and through mise-en-scene.

We use conventions because it lets the audience to become familiar with a certain genre as they become used seeing certain things and it make sure that a certain text works well and fits into its genre. For example, in romance genre we expect to see a couple dating in restaurants or other places where couples would normally go to. Our Magazine Advert Conventions of Magazine Advert:

Name of the artist
Release date
Brand identity
Company logo
Name of the album
One of the song names
Tour dates
Magazine/ Newspaper rating
The shops where you can get them
"Follow us on...(Twitter, Facebook) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Evaluation - Question 1 Our Music Video - Used, Developed or Challenged? Our Digipak What are conventions? What are conventions of a music video? They have different story lines and meaning in music videos, this are portrayed through a range of ways:

• Performance based – this is where the band or the artist is playing the song throughout the music video.

• Narrative based – this is where the words and meaning of the song is acted out in some ways.

•Concept – this is where there's a unique or creative thought that shapes the video.

• Mixture – this is where the camera cross cut between the artist/band playing and the narrative storyline of the song is happening.

• Animation – this is where some music videos contain animation and this makes creativity and entertainment to the video. Camera Shots
They use different camera shots as it depends on what style of the music video is. However, they are mainly using longs shots, close ups and mid shots in music videos as they want to emphasise the artist, locations and emotions. For example, close up shots are used to portray different emotions which suit what the song is about. Also, they want it to reflect the words of the song with the movement of the lips of the artist. Sometimes they use close ups on the instruments and certain, significant props. In one of Lady Gaga's music video, they have used a mid/long shot to show the female artist and other people dancing. Camera Movement
The movement of the camera such as tilts, pans, tracking and crane shots are used within the music video as they want the audience to follow and trace the artist or the band. For example in Call Me Maybe, they have used a tilt shot of the male character's body. This implies that they are aiming mainly at females as they would normally want to see this kind of body. Mise-en-scene
This is about how they place the performers and props on stage or in a scene for production of a music video. This is very important in music video as it contains:
• Props - they are important in music videos as it helps to add the scene and create meaning on a particular objects or people. It also depends on the genre of the type of the song it is. For example, if it is performance style, there would be performance equipment, instruments, stages and lighting.
• Costumes – this is a vital aspect because it can manipulate on how the audience will address as they use some of the celebrities as role models. For example, Lady Gaga has specific clothing to show off her fashion, this is evident in her “Poker face” video. It also depends on the lyrics of the song as well as the genre. They will have different outfits on certain artist/band as they want it to reflect on what they are representing in the video. For example, in “Mad” by Neyo they have used dark clothes which represent the down mood of the song.
• Settings – this sets the scene immediately and many settings used are simple setting where many people can relate to. Editing
The process of editing in music videos takes a lot of time and it is the essential part of music videos. This is because they need to select and put the scene at the right place. The pace of the editing is always in synch with the beat of the track. The lip synching is one of the important things that need to be edited so that the artist/band looks as they are actually singing the song at the exact same time as the music playing. The main editing technique that is used in music videos is jump cuts as this will make a sudden change from one scene to another. Fades and dissolves are the most common transitions in music videos as this creates a different effect to cuts and it also matches the mood of the song. Lighting
Black and white is used in some of the music videos as it helps to emphasise a particular mood and some videos have artificial lighting which put the artist in an enhanced look. In rock music videos they dark lighting as it would give an eerie feel to he audience. Lighting also enhances the atmosphere as it can be used to give a bright and upbeat feel such as one of the Katy Perry's music video. Sound
The sound in music videos is mainly the vocals or the song but sometimes they add some sound in the background which makes the music video into a short film. Therefore in some clips there are various sounds which can be heard such as diagetic and non-diagetic sounds. For example, they have diagetic sound at the start of Payphone. Colours
The colours are likely to set the mood of the song through constructing an atmosphere. For example, bright colours are used more in hip hop and pop videos. Also dark colours are mainly used more in rock songs. These are the conventions of pop music videos: Used: Challenged: Developed: Conventions of a Pop music video Rihanna - California King Bed Ne-Yo - Mad In Pop music videos, we normally see a narrative of male and female relationship. For example, in California King Bed by Rihanna it shows how their relationship doesn't work. This is evident through the pictures on the side. There are different types of effects that is used in real music videos, it depends on what they are trying to portray and the type of genre it is. For example, California King Bed by Rihanna and Mad by Ne-Yo uses black and white which also matches her depressing expressions and the past memories of him and her gf.

In Broken Hearted Girl by Beyonce, they have used sepia effect which is another way to portray past memories.

We have used black and white effect to show past memories and it portrays the time passes by. It also reflects back to the female's melancholic and lonely emotions. Rihanna - California King Bed Cher Lloyd - Want U Back Beyonce - Broken Hearted Girl Beyonce - Broken Hearted Girl In real music videos, they normally use different types of edits based on the tempo of the song and what they are trying to show. For example, in pop music videos such as Broken Hearted Girl they normally used slow fades to give a dreamy effect of the waves from the beach. This implies that every time she thinks about the beach, it reminds her of her ex boyfriend and the past memories they had together. In our music video, we mainly used slow fades to smoothen the whole video because we want to match it with the slow pace of music and the sad meaning of the lyrics. In pop music videos such as Rihanna, she uses make up to make her look even prettier. It implies that this is a way of promoting herself to the audience. However, we used make on our female character because we want to portray that she is trying to cover up her problems and she is not different from any other teenage girls. The way the colours is used in real music video depends on what type of character she is or the genre and theme of the video. For example, In California King Bed, they have used white on her dress as it matches her innocence and purity. Rihanna is also wearing dress which shows her femininity. In our music video, we have used white as one of the colour schemes because we want to show her innocence and purity through the colours we have used. In Cher Lloyd - Want U Back, They have used egg timer and photos of her with ex. This is where we got the idea from because we want to show how the female misses her ex boyfriend. This is kind of similar narrative as ours because it portrays in the video that Cher Lloyd can't move on about her ex even though he has got a new gf which has similarities with ours. We have used egg timer in ours because we want to make the audience feel how time passes really slow. Our egg timers is not going to be placed in a bedroom because we want to make it look different from Cher Lloyds music vide. The photos are also placed in the photo album because this is how people normally put their pictures. The bedroom is completely different from Rihanna - California King Bed as we are having the bedroom in a house and in a village, not near to the beach. However, we do have white bed sheets and white wall which is kind of similar to this one. We did it because it look professional and neat to look at, In our music video, we have the female walking along the beach with high-waisted skinny jeans and crop top whereas Rihanna is wearing white see through dress. In our music video, we have the portrayed the couple as being happy and lively which is not exactly the same as California King Bed. Sometimes they use titles in their music video, this is help the audience identify what song it is. In our music video, we did the same, we kept it simple because we want to be readable for the audience. We also used white colour for the fonts because we want to show the innocence and purity of the female character. In Run by Leona Lewis, we can see the female artist stood on her own. This is kind of similar as our because we have used small path that is surrounded by the trees because we want to portray the audience being isolated from other people. Some music videos such as Ne-Yo - Mad and Keri Helson - Knock You Down has got a fighting scene which is the idea we got from. We did have the female stood at the centre of the two males fighting over her but we filmed it at a park because we wanted to stick to the conventions of romance genre. In our music video we had the female walking along the the beach but we did not use black and white effect such as Beyonce - Broken Hearted Girl. In our music videos we want used close up shot of the female's foot and the footprints she's making. We also used black and white but we did not have the male character because it is part of the present. In our music video, we have the starting point of the female walking down the small path and it is the same at the end as well which is quite similar to Broken Hearted Girl by Beyonce. In her music video, it started a long shot of her inside the car and ends with a mid shot of her inside the car. In Run by Leona Lewis and Broken Hearted Girl by Beyonce, they are mainly performance based and a little bit of narrative based but in our music video, it is mainly narrative base instead and a little bit of performance. In Cher Lloyd - Want U Back, they have portrayed the male moving on from her ex girlfriend. But in our music video, we have the female flirting with another guy and it's her ex boyfriend who breaks up with her. In Broken Hearted Girl by Beyonce, they have used rose which connotes as love and romance. This implies that the main theme is romance. In our music video, we used colours in different items. For example, the red sofa and a little bit of red from the female's top emphasises the romance and love theme of our music video. One of the conventions in digipak is the use of close up shots or mid shots in the front cover. This helps the audience identify quickly who the artist is and it also makes you focus at how they expressing the emotions. We have met this by using a close up shot of the female's face for the front cover magazine as we want the audience to focus on her and we want them to feel closer to her. We have challenged it a little bit by using vignette effect because we want to make it look different. Inside Panels (Left) Inside Panels (Right) Front Cover Back Cover Normally in front covers of a digipak, we expect to see different types of fonts to keep it look interesting and it has different meanings behind it as well. For example, in Teenage Dream they have curvy font on the artist's name and a Gothic type, candy floss theme on the album title which reflects to the background image. This is one of the conventions we have met as we have used different fonts for the album title and the artist's name. We have used Nathaniel font because it looks like a signature which makes it look professionally done and it gives a personal feeling to the audiences. We also used red to represent the romance genre of our music video and it also grabs the audience attention. These are the conventions of a digipak:

Front Cover:
Artist's name
Album name
Image (usually of artist) (maybe original art)

Back Cover:
Track listing
Background Image
Record Label
Copyright Information
Where it's made?

Inside Panels:
Writers and Producers (Song Information)
Back Catalogue
Artist Information
Thanks to...
Tour dates/ competitions - Freebie/ Cards

Record Company Conventions of a Digipak One of the conventions of inside panel is that it contains lyrics and background image such as Madonna - Ray of Light album. It has got a booklet that contains all the lyrics for all the songs within that album. We also did the same to ours because we thought that the audience might want to know the right words. We challenged it a little bit by using all of the photos that is from the photo album. One of the conventions of a music video is a wide range of camera shots and angles. However, they use close up shots and mid shots in pop music videos as they want to focus on the artist's/character's expressions. For example, in California King Bed it uses close up shots of Rihanna's face as they want the audience to see and feel closer to her. Another example is Broken Hearted Girl, they have used a close up shot of her face wiping her tears which makes the audience to sympathise on her. We mainly used close up shots to show clearly to the audience on what and how she feels. This is because we want to audience to feel the same way as her and sympathise on her. Also, we have a mixture of long shots and mid shots as we want to make the music video interesting and we want the audience to see the locations we have. Our Music Video Our Music Video Our Music Video Rihanna - California King Bed Beyonce - Broken Hearted Girl Our Music Video Rihanna - California King Bed Beyonce - Broken Hearted Girl Rihanna - California King Bed Our Music Video Cher Lloyd - Want U Back Our Music Video We have met one of the conventions of the inside panels by using a mid/ long shot of the female and the use of plain background so it emphasises the female artist. However, we challenged it a little bit by using the same costume from our music video so it will remind the audience of our music video. We also used a vignette effect so it makes the female artist's stand out whereas in one of Katy Perry's inside panels, they didn't use any effect.. We have met the generic conventions a back and spine cover of a digipak, this is because we don't want it to look different from any other real digipaks. We have challenged one of the generic conventions by using the photo from one of the music video. We have met generic conventions of a magazine advert by using name of the artist, album, when it is release, brand identity, website, social networking sites , magazine rating and one of the song names. We didn't put any shops where they can get it from because we thought that it would be too crowded in the poster and it takes the focus away on the main image. We have met generic conventions of a pop magazine advert by using a close up shot of the female artist. One of the examples that uses a close up shot of the female artist is Rated R poster by Rihanna. It also shows the brand identity by using the same image from the digipak which makes it easier for the audience to identify. Nicki Minaj - Starships Lady Gaga - Poker Face Marron 5 - Payphone Leona Lewis - Run Beyonce - Broken Hearted Girl Our Music Video Our music video theme is mainly romance and broken hearted. We portrayed it through having red colours on the artist's name on the poster. We used the same colour scheme from the digipak because we don't want the audience to get confused and it will be quicker for them to identify that it is from our music video. bright and colourful when something good happens
dull colours when something bad happens because it reflect with the mood of the genre
mainly close up shots to portrays different expressions and emotions
mainly aims at teenage audiences but also to a wider audiences
very upbeat music
teenage scenario such as a girl falling in love with a boy
normally an artist/band shows dance routines while singing In Want U Back by Cher Llod it shows how the female hasn't get over with her ex and in Broken Hearted Girl by Beyonce, it is the same narrative as well. In our music video, the narrative is the female made a mistake at first and now she realises that she was wrong.
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