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Student Council Field Trip Ideas

No description

Alma Mueller

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Student Council Field Trip Ideas

St. Louis Incredible Pizza Company
Glow Golf
Go-Kart Races
Laser Tag
Bumper Cars
Video Games
All You can Eat Buffet & Unlimited drinks!!!
Approximately $17 per person
Holiday World
$30.95 per person
We can include a lesson in Physics
It's Fun
1-4 Adult Ratio
Vote Now

A Touch of Nature Environmental Center
Students can spend a day working on their leadership skills completing High and low ropes courses.
Price per student $20-40
SIU Carbondale
Go Ape
Live Life Adventurously Tree Top Adventure
Creve Coeur Park - St. Louis, Missouri
$50-55 Adults are free
Dinner and a Movie
Students can spend an evening or a Satur
together. We'll go have lunch or dinner, then go to the movies

Student Council Field Trip Ideas
Students get to explore the outdoors.
Students get hands on Leadership training by experienced Leadership educators.
On a college Campus... or near it- we can check out the campus?
Adults are free
Zip Lining and tree climbing is not something you wait to do when you're old- it's too scary when you have to worry about insurance and livelihood stuff... -
Cahokia Mounds
A Touch of Nature
Zip lining
Incredible Pizza Company
Holiday World

Dinner and a Movie
St. Louis City Museum
-Student Council Bonding Trip
-We're spending money locally

We'll have to settle for 2 movies max...
If you don't like the outdoors, you'll hate this...
If you hate heights & the Outdoors... you'll really hate this!!!!
Very Expensive!!!
Student Council went last year
It has to be on a weekend if BETA cannot afford it.
You may have to buy your own lunch... maybe
No Spalishing Safari Rides
We have to pay for Chaperones
6 Flags
Will have to be a weekend
No free Drinks
You will have to buy your lunch
Mrs. McGreer was iffy about it...
6 Flags
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