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CU radio


Evan Brogan

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of CU radio

CU Radio Background
Est. in 1996
Is a non-profit organization
Devoted to playing Christian music

Sponsors concerts at CU
Relies heavily on listener donations
Mom works there Onion Time Artifact: Communication via technology.

Value: Communication is key to making listeners aware.

Assumption: Email is a good way to utilize communication.
Artifact: Sharathon

Value: Community Involvement

Assumption: Sharathon is a step
towards being a successful organization.

Artifact: Concerts

Value: Community involvement

Assumption: Concerts get the surrounding community involved, more enthused.

Artifact: Employee Devotion

Value: Emploee enthusiasm

Assumption: Employee, enthusiasm and energy, desire. Critique Critique: Creativity! MORE CREATIVITY!

Recommendations: Loosen up on standards a little bit.

Let there be a bit of a cushion.

Leniency could stimulate positive change. Critique: More employee participation

Recommendations: Send more people to events.

Get them more affiliated with the community that we are trying to reach.
Critique: Station Appearence could use some revamping.

Recommendation: Make the station a good hang out environment.

Decorate to be inviting.

Pictures, an established lounge, and comfy seating (couches etc.) A Presentation By: Evan Brogan Introducing:
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