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Bad Unicorn

No description

Jade L

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Bad Unicorn

Title, Author, Genre
Bad Unicorn is by Platte F. Clark.
The genre is Sci-fi/ fantasy
Main Characters
Max Spencer
-An ordinary nerd, hiding from bullies and trying to keep his grades up to support his gaming life. He's had the Codex of Infinite Knowability with him his whole life which won't allow anyone else to read from it.
-Max Spencer's best friend who is quick, loyal, and confident.
Sarah Jepson
-Tall, smart, determined, and tough with auburn hair and not many friends. She is a black belt in judo and becomes Dirk and Max's friend after scaring away a bully at school.
Princess the Destroyer
-A carnivorous Unicorn who finds hunting, killing, and eating entertaining. She wishes for food that isn't tainted, outside the
-A thin mid-leveled wizard with gray flecked hair and a dark goatee and was assigned to work for Princess.
-A dwarf who owns Max and Dirk's favourite store in the Techrus. He is very short and not afraid to speak his mind. He joins Max in his fight against Princess.
Three Realms
Techrus- Human Realm
Magrus- Magic Realm
Shadrus- Shadow realm
The Story
I recommend this book to people who enjoy science fiction and fantasy books.
For children 10 and up.

Personal Connection
Max Spencer and his friends are very close to my age which makes it easy to relate to them. I felt a connection with each of the characters. The bond between Max, Sarah, and Dirk reminds me of the strong bond between me and my friends. A lot of people can relate to Max because he had to conquer his fears. I am a bit of a perfectionist like Sarah and I like to try different foods like Princess.

Magic Realm
unicorns and dragons are creatures with the strongest magic
Frobbits are tender and tasty creatures with terrible survival tactics.
Three trees with magical capabilities
Shadrus: Shadow Realm
Contains the all powerful Maleshadow, Lord of Shadows
Dragons are native to the Shadrus
The Great Sunderer: Maximilian Sporazo
He was the most powerful arch-sorcerer ever. He created a book The Codex of Infinite Knowability. It contains information on everthing in the Magrus and includes spells and recipes
I found this book to be very interesting. The author made this book great with humor and adventure. Platte F. Clark shows the reader a glimpse into his imagination. As soon as I read the second page,I was laughing very hard. I loved how this book had many witty quips and quotes. Throughout this book it shows pages of the Codex which I found to be very interesting.
Max is an ordinary kid who carries a magical book around with him that has information on everything in the universe.
A rampaging carnivorous unicorn is searching for the Codex and Max.
Max and his friends travel to the future by accident and earth taken over by machines
Princess becomes half robot and continues to search for Max
Max and his friends join the frobbits to battle the robots and take down Princess.
Max struggles to use magic.
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