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Money.org Redesign

A presentation highlighting the features of the new Money.org and how they will be beneficial for the American Numismatic Association.

Cole Schenewerk

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Money.org Redesign

Ideas and Features
New features for Money.org
Suggested by members, committees, board, and staff
Focus on unique and interactive content
Engage membership
Already In-Progress
Museum Online Collection
6,000 items cataloged and photographed
Museum Virtual Tour
At Launch
Coin identification help
Expanded club and dealer listings
Calendar of numismatic events
Online registration
After Launch
Expansion of educational games and interactive learning
Correspondence Courses
Podcasts with numismatic experts
Image library of counterfeit coins and paper money
Our Wish List
Long-term ideas that require more resources
Digitization of
The Numismatist
Auction records
Databases for coin types and varieties
"...to assist in bringing about better cooperation between all persons interested in the coinage...to acquire and disseminate trustworthy information bearing upon these topics; to promote greater popular interest in numismatics"
-The ANA Charter

AMS Project progressing well
Staff members will travel for training on April 1
Project is on schedule, no cost overruns
Website also on schedule, no cost overruns
Design phase has ended
Development phase beginning
Created and prioritized new features
Approved mock-ups of page designs

Alpha release in May
Beta release in June
Launch ahead of the World's Fair of Money
Live in July
Promotion before launch: social media, press releases, articles in
The Numismatist
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