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Miss Toombs Class

No description

Amy Toombs

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Miss Toombs Class

Welcome Parents!
Thanks for coming tonight. I am so glad to have your child in my class. I am looking forward to the year ahead!
The Website:
Daily Folder:
Wonder Wall:
This year is off to a great start! We have been busy getting to know each other!
Here are a few helpful hints and reminders about how things will go in 2nd grade. All of the teachers choose to work as a team. A majority of the time, we will be doing the same thing as others in 2nd grade.

Let's get started...
I will send home a folder with any important notes from school each night. All of your child’s graded work will come home each Thursday. It is important to check your child's backpack daily to ensure you are seeing everything you need to.
I will be sending a newsletter once a week on Mondays. It will give details about what we are learning in class that particular week and will highlight upcoming classroom and school events. Please be sure to read it each week! It will come home with your child's spelling list for that week.
The Wonder Wall consists of several activities and manipulatives that review our kids with things we have been learning in class. Grades will NOT be taken on the activities found on the Wonder Wall. Kids will be able to work on Wonder Wall activities once they are finished with work in class. Your child will earn a treat if they finish it. Wonder Wall is due each Monday morning. It is a choice and is not required. If your child chooses to participate, it will come home in a stapled packet each week. It will not have a grade on it.
Your child will have weekly homework in Spelling and Reading. Each week, we will send one Spelling paper to be completed by Thursday. They will also be responsible for filling out their reading log. It will come home in a take-home reading folder along with reading books on their level. There will be a few special projects that will require your help at home. When those are approaching, you will be notified with a letter about it in plenty of time to complete it. If your child comes home with a bad grade on a paper, please redo it with them. Kids are allowed to bring back corrected papers for full credit.
Reading Contracts:
In 2nd grade, we will be implementing a reading challenge each nine weeks. In order for your child to receive the reward for completing the challenge, they must turn in a reading contract before the challenge begins. We will be having grade level parties for any children who complete their challenge on time.
Language Arts
Your child will be in a differentiated Spelling/Reading group that is appropriate for them and will meet their individual needs. They will get a traditional Spelling list on Monday and should study each night at home. Their homework will also come home at this time. They will also be given 4 dictation sentences to study each week. Only 2 of the sentences will be tested on. The Spelling and Dictation tests will be each Friday. We will also test over vocabulary and comprehension each Friday.
Spelling & Reading Groups
Please know that we place your child in a flexible group that is just right for them. Your child may go to a different teacher for parts of their reading and spelling instruction. Once your child is assigned to a teacher, We will let you know the contact information for that teacher should you have questions about anything that pertains to your child's spelling list.
The district has chosen to adopt an objectives based report card for all of 2nd grade. It will be very similar to their 1st grade report card. 2nd graders will NOT be given letter grades or percentages.
Graded papers will indicate how many problems your child has missed. Some of their papers will have percentages on them, to prepare them for upper grades. Report cards will indicate the scores of 1, 2, or 3. A 1 indicates that your child is BELOW the grade level standard. A 2 indicates that your child is APPROACHING the grade level standard. A 3 indicates that your child is AT the grade level standard.

*Please note that the scores will fluctuate as the standards get more difficult for them to master.

Our class abides by the 8 expectations that are laid out in your handout. We work hard to build a climate of mutual respect through the program Great Expectations. Should a child need discipline, it will be handled in a non-threatening manner. No child will be devalued as a result of his/her behavior. Discipline will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If need be, we will contact you throughout the day. A think sheet may come home as a way for your child to communicate what happened that day. Please sign and return it, should your child receive one.
Class Dojo:
We also use a positive behavior incentive called Class Dojo. It is a web-based program that allows me to give the kids points for their good behavior throughout the day. When the kids earn enough points, they can trade them in for rewards. Please ask your child how they are doing on class dojo as well.
Bailey does not allow for birthday parties within the classroom. However, I will celebrate each child's birthday when it comes around. Every student will receive a gift from me and well wishes from their classmates.
I welcome any parent to volunteer in the room. There are many jobs ranging from homeroom parent to completing things I can send home with your child. If you are interested in helping with our class, please be sure to fill out the volunteer sheet and give it back to me. I will be organizing work and schedules in a way that will be beneficial to everyone. As always, I appreciate your help and welcome your involvement with your child's education.
Remind 101:
Please seriously consider joining my Remind 101 group. It does not cost you anything. It is an easy way for me to send you reminders about what might be going on in class via a text message. The messages will come in as a “Reminder from Miss Toombs” and will include any updates and events that affect our class.

All you have to do to join my list is send the text @misstoom to the number 918-779-0627
Contact Info:
Please feel free to contact me at any point with questions or concerns. I can be reached by email at amy.toombs@owasso.k12.ok.us I make it a point to check my email in the morning and during my plan time. Other times, I am busy teaching the kids. If you have an immediate need, please call the school at 918-272-5399. You may also stop by during my plan time which is each day from 1:35-2:20.
Thank you for coming!!
Data Folders
Students will be bringing home data folders
once a month to show progress in Spelling,
Math, and reading fluency. They will set goals
for themselves and work to attain those goals.
Please be sure to send folders back to school
after you have reviewed them. We will send folders
home on Fridays. They should be signed
and returned the following Monday.
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