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Introduction to Unit 3A - The Politics of the USA

Overview of Elections, Parties, Voting and Pressure Groups

Ian Ochiltree

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Introduction to Unit 3A - The Politics of the USA

Introduction to Unit 3A
- The Politics of the USA Unit 3A - The Politics of the USA Meet twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) Four modules to cover in this Unit But the timetable hasn't been kind to us. We seem to be in different rooms most days. (M-H12, W-H13; M-H12, W-L2) 1. The electoral process and direct democracy 2. Political Parties 3. Voting behaviour 4. Pressure groups You have to write a final exam paper, answering two questions from a choice of four, in an hour and thirty minutes. So, what's the content? Elections ... which is handy,
as this is election year!
Nominating candidates Primaries and caucuses National Party Conventions Money - the importance of campaign finance The role of the media The Election of a President The Campaign Political Parties Voting Behaviour Pressure Groups What do I need to do well? READ!! Books Newspapers Websites And always make time for
THE WEST WING Televised Presidential Debates Write, read and critique lots
of exam questions
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