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Village Mentoring

A visual depiction of DREAM's Innovative Village Mentoring Model

Michael Loner

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of Village Mentoring

Village Mentoring is a unique partnership between a neighborhood and a college
Village Mentoring supports children at three levels......
Like more traditional
mentoring models, the heart of Village Mentoring is the supportive one-on-one relationship between the college student volunteer
and the child
Our college student mentors work as a group to integrate themselves into the children’s neighborhood. This means that they visit the housing community frequently and regularly engage with the parents and other residents. This active involvement with neighborhood stakeholders is intended to boost the neighborhood in its own work of supporting its children and taking collective action on behalf of the children.
culminating events
summer programs
camp programs
community meetings
teen programs
"Mentoring that goes further"
What do you get when...
you take the passion and energy
of college students
a toolkit of complementary programs
a neighborhood of children with limitless potential
and mix them all together?
add more than a hint of adventure
The relationship between a child and a caring college student mentor is at the heart of the program and has significant influence on the child. The relationship cultivates self-confidence and helps to establish new norms through role modeling, loving attention and positive messaging.
Our mentoring pairs spend weekly time together as a group, generating a broader network of caring, educated adults actively involved in each child’s life. The group dynamic builds a powerful sense of belonging and a group identity allowing children to safely push their comfort zones, build teamwork skills and practice positive peer interactions.
A special partnership
A Neighborhood
A College
At DREAM we embody the belief that "It takes a village to raise a child"
Asiyefunzwa na mamae hufunzwa na ulimwengu'
Bill Russell, the greatest
champion in the history of professional
sports, a national leader in human rights
and a BIG fan of mentoring recently stated...
"There is no such thing as
someone else's child!"
"Regardless of a child's biological parent(s) its upbringing belongs to the community."
"A child belongs not to
one parent or home."
Kihaya (Bahaya)
'Omwana taba womoi'
But, hasn't it been said...
In Kaitlyn's words
Village Mentoring!
Neighborhood Support
One-on-one mentoring
“DREAM has become such a fundamental part of who I am and how I have grown. It has been applied to every aspect of my education, social life and self-image. DREAM has made things like adventures tangible experiences, not just something I dream about.”
Stephanie reports that within the three years she volunteered as a mentor, “[Kaitlyn] went from being a child to a near adult,” and that their discussions about preadolescent relationships progressed from gossip to dialogues about “what a healthy relationship looks like, how to recognize one’s own happiness and sadness and …conversations about personal health, self worth, self advocacy and even the crucial lesson about sex…”

Kaitlyn was paired with her new mentor Jenna in 2006. In 2007, she went on a DREAM trip to Washington, DC for the Housing Policy Conference put on by the National Low Income Housing Coalition. Later that same year, she and Jenna, along with 5 other children from Elm Street, organized a 10-day High Adventure trip to New York City and Maine.

Kaitlyn was one of the first in DREAM to complete our Counselor In Training (CIT) program for Camp DREAM. She was also instrumental in organizing the first annual DREAM Teen Retreat. She is now a sophomore at the University of Vermont, and a DREAM mentor in our Riverside program.
Case: Kaitlyn Lapan
A special partnership, a toolkit of programs, three levels of support, that's all good, but
Does it work?
DREAM first came to Elm Street in 2002. Kaitlyn started as a mentee that same year. Her first mentor was Stephanie Gergely:

“[Kaitlyn] was pretty boy crazy and our conversations often circulated around the multiple crushes that she had or who was dating whom…We spent hours contemplating these situations... There were days of euphoria in her stories and also days of confusion, sadness and tears.”
Group mentoring
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