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Reasons To Live Conference

No description

Emma Young

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Reasons To Live Conference

Programme Details
Seminar Comments
Participants at the seminars highlighted a desire to enhance communication between agencies at a strategic level:
The Protection Through Partnership programme has been underway since June 2012.
The programme has provided 15 locally-based working seminars attended by more than 750 individuals in all areas of Scotland. By April 2014, it will also have delivered 26 two-day training sessions for practitioners.
As part of the PTP programme evaluation, we have collected almost 400 questionnaire responses from individuals attending the working seminars and 350 from attendees of the training sessions.
Next Steps
Training Comments
The original aims of the programme included:
- Raising awareness amongst practitioners in social work, health and education of the issues relating to self-harm and suicide for looked after children and young people.

- Disseminating what we know about the particular risks to the safety of looked after children and young people.

- Developing and supporting training for practitioners.

-Enhancing communication between agencies at a strategic and practical level.
REasons To Live Conference: Early Findings from the evaluation of the protection through partnership programme.
When practitioners were asked what barriers they thought they would face when trying to address self-harm and suicide in their workplace, they said:
When participants at the seminars were asked what barriers they thought they would face when trying to address self-harm and suicide in their workplace, they said:
- There are three training courses still to be completed in Ayr and Dumfries.
- Follow up telephone interviews will be undertaken with participants from the seminar days. These will be used to evaluate the impact this series of seminars had at a local level as well as any changes made as a result of the training.
- On completion of all training and seminar events further analysis will inform the final report of the impact of the programme.

- "Opportunity to hear about policies and developments and discuss with partner agencies options for improving local practice".
- "To be better informed about the issues that affect looked after children and to explain better/new ways of working with partners to support these young people".
Practitioners attended the training days for a variety of reasons, often to raise their own understanding:
- "Working with foster carer and young people who are looked after - I feel these young people are very vulnerable in terms of self-harm and suicide and I want to improve my practice to help support carers and young people."
- " I work with a lot of teenagers in high school who self-harm and I just wanted to know if what I did was helpful for them or not and were there any stages I would offer them apart from the ones I already suggest."
At least
of respondents rated them as


The information provided on self-harm and on suicide during the training days were highly rated by practitioners.
Practitioners also valued the additional resources and materials.
99% of respondents rated them as
Respondents also welcomed the opportunity to discuss the issues in groups and to link with a range of colleagues.
rating discussions as
Presentations at the working seminars were all very well received, with at least 95% of respondents rating these sessions as good or excellent. Sessions addressed Working in Partnership to Prevent Suicide, Risk and Prevention in Caring for Looked After Children, and responding to Self-Harm
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