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Book Comparison - Divergent & The Giver

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Jada Santos

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Book Comparison - Divergent & The Giver

- Find yourself by trying new things and choosing your own decisions.
When Tris leaves Abnegation, she finally feels like she belongs in the faction she is in and is proud to say she is part of Dauntless.

The Giver
- If you don't think something is right, take a stand. Once Jonas finally becomes aware that the true meaning of “release” is by killing people, he decides he wants to escape the community to find a better life for him and his brother, Gabriel.

The two themes
with each other because they both relate to the importance of individuality and doing what is right for yourself, something that is limited in both worlds.
- Marcus explains that the fault of human personality is to blame for a warring world. “They divided into factions that sought to eradicate those qualities they believed responsible for the world’s disarray,” (Roth 42).

The Giver
- The community was portrayed as a perfect utopia at first but we discover it is very controlling and communistic. Everyone is restricted from the memory and emotions of pain, hunger, conflict, hatred, and color.

Though everyone in both books seem to be happy and peaceful with the way they are living, they may not know about some basic freedoms that our society today values because of the limited freedoms.
Difference between Tris and Jonas leaving their homes
Character Development
Book Comparison - Divergent & The Giver
Jada & Johnell
- Tris goes from being a teenager who feels like she doesn’t fit in to a fearless girl. She develops the way she thinks and manages to become very strong and independent, all because she chose a whole new life and started doing things that she wouldn’t normally do.

The Giver
- Jonas is pretty much normal like everyone else in his community and does what the leaders tell him to do. After he is chosen to be the Receiver of Memory and becomes aware of emotions, he realizes everything done by the Elders was just an illusion. Jonas can no longer live in the community so he fakes his own death, and decides to escape with Gabriel and go on to Elsewhere.

These two can be linked together because they both had to start new lives and have a fresh plate to find out and develop themselves.
- Tris leaves her home faction, Abnegation, for Dauntless, because she felt she belonged there more than Abnegation. She could finally express her true self instead of hiding and pretending to be part of Abnegation.

The Giver
- Jonas leaves The Community because he realizes all the wrongdoings they've done, from killing innocent people, to taking away emotions and color. He leaves to start a new and better life, somewhere he could experience things The Community doesn't have.

These both can relate to each other because Jonas and Tris both needed to get out of their natural homes to really experience their lives.
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