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Sand Frac Mining

No description

Trina Pearson

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Sand Frac Mining

Values, Attitudes, Positions Environmental groups - destroys the environment and habitats for animals living in the area Mining companies - Martin Lehman Stakeholder - Pro Values, Attitudes, Positions Mining company: economic mind set for community Stakeholders-Con Environmental Groups - Artists Against Fracking Frac Sand Mining Statement of Conflict Indroduction of
Sand Frac Mining Solutions Conclusion References Stakeholders in the Wisconsin area disagree on the impact sand frac mining will have on the economy, environment, & quality of life of the citizens. Citizens(landowners)- Claude Rigleman Landowners: economic benefits for themselves Citizens - people living near frac mining sites or others who are affected by the mining Citizens - the mining process is loud, messy, and dangerous. People are also concerned for their health. Deller, S.C., & Schreiber, A. (2012). Frac sand mining and community economic development. Retrieved from http://www.aae.wisc.edu/pubs/sps/pdf/stpap565.pdf

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Wind Technician salary. (2013). Hub Pages. Retrieved from http://windenergy.hubpages.com/hub/wind-technician-salary Alternatives Creating new jobs

More efficient energy

Less destruction
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