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Elements of Persuasion

Different elements of persuasive texts and how they are used.

Nicole Petraitis

on 10 February 2012

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Transcript of Elements of Persuasion

Elements of Persuasion Help to support arguments Help to convince us of an argument, one way or the other A tale involving real life events A true story To make themselves appear more
credible, writers often use personal anecdotes. Why do commercials make
us want to buy stuff or do stuff? Quotes Interviews Expert Opinions Make a writer's position more credible Outside opinions that correspond with their own BIG NAMES Important or Famous People who endorse a product or issue - helps increase credibility Details Features that may be interesting to the audience Statistics Make an argument seem more conclusive,
and therefore a writer's opinion more valid Examples Specific instances where the writer's position is correct. EMOTION URGENCY Make people think the issue is so important that they MUST ACT NOW!! Make people happy, sad, or angry, and they are more likely to see your position as valid. Anecdotes Did any of the commercials use more than one element of persuasion? Which ones?

Discuss with your partner & record your response on your communicators. Now it's your turn... Persuade Me!
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