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BMW Analysis

MGMT 4800

Debi Carty

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of BMW Analysis

Divisions Automobile Rolls Royce Mini Cooper Financial Services Motorcycles 1Series
3 Series
5 Series
6 Series
7 Series
BMW Z 1,380,384 cars sold 113,572 motorcycles sold 3,538 cars sold 285,060 cars sold 3,592,093 lease and credit financing contracts Interesting Fact BMW's cars all have their signature "kidney grill" Debi Carty Matt Pace Lauren Boyack Brandt Heinz Sheila Silva 1916 Franz Josef Popp and Max Friz establish
"Bayerische Motoren Werke" (BMW)
on March 7, 1916 1917 The design of the famous BMW emblem came from the spinning propeller against the blue Bavarian sky. BMW started as an airplane engine manufacturer. 1923 BMW starts production of motorcycles 1929 BMW makes it's first car, the Dixi 3/15 1959 BMW is near bankruptcy
Shareholders consider selling to rivals Daimler-Benz
Herbert Quandt saves BMW and takes controlling interest 1966 BMW acquires the Hans Glas company based in Dingolfing, Germany 1994 BMW buys
British Rover Group 1998 BMW buys the brand
Rolls Royce
from Volkswagen. 2000-2001 2000 - BMW sells the Rover Group Maintaining the rights of the Mini
2001 - Launches the new Mini line 2009 BMW introduces the i8 -
the 1st plug-in-hybrid cars BMW releases the Hydrogen 7 -
the 1st vehicle to solely on Hydrogen gas 2014 Has a contract to sign with Toyota Motor Corporation in basic research for battery cell technology
and for the supply of diesel engines General Environment Cultural VRIO Framework Technological Rivalry Suppliers Buyers.......


Entry......... International Events Economic Low Low Low High Moderate Brand Portfolio Demographic Trends Innovative Capabilities Sustainable Solutions Business Level Strategy Differentiation Financial Performance Investor Performance Luxury Car Race Increase in Vehicle Dynamic

20th Year 10 Best

Most Reliable Manufacture

8th Year DJSI Winner

69 on Fortune Global 500 Companies Education

Road Traffic Safety

Pro-Am Golf Tournament Problem? BMW workforce is getting older

Will not have the capabilities to keep up with demand Customer Performance Other Stakeholder's Satisfaction Corporate Level Strategy Vertically Integrated & Mergers and Acquisitions BMW World Headquarters:
Munich, Germany R & D R & D R & D P P P P P P P P P P P P P P C A Product Features
Product Complexity
Product Reputation 5 Forces Steps taken BMW Group Dow Jones Sustainability Index Leader for 8th consecutive year Recommendations Partner with Universal Technical Institute to open trade schools in cities that operate plants Expand BMW STEP Program to train technicians to work at BMW plants. Establish vocational training in high schools to get recruitment earlier Plant Modifications Inventory Turnover BMW - 6.25 times
Industry - 4 times
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