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OCR AS PE Transfer of Learning

No description

Geraint Davies

on 17 January 2018

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Transcript of OCR AS PE Transfer of Learning

OCR PE Transfer of Learning
Transfer of Learning
Transfer of learning is perhaps the most important concept in skill acquisition, in all walks of life.
Types of Transfer
Exam Practice
Ways of Helping Transfer Occur
no transfer at all may occur even between skills which appear to be similar
learning at squash may have zero transfer from weight training
influence of one skill on a skill that has previously been learned
a hockey player learns the flicking skill which may have a negative effect on the previously learned push (the push pass may be lifted unnecessarily)
Springboard divers often train using trampolines. Explain how a coach can ensure that practising on a trampoline assists the learning of skills in diving. (3 marks)
- Positive Transfer
- Make sure original task is practiced and well-learned
- Make sure the practice situations are similar
- Make the performer aware when transfer between two skills is possible
- Helps because it reduces danger/risk/increased safety
- Also saves time/allows repeated practice as don’t have to climb to top of board each time
Transfer of learning refers to how the learning in one skill or sport is transferred into another skill or sport.
1. You have 2 pieces of paper
2. Tear them in half and then crumple them into a ball
3. Compete against another 2 or 3 in the class........
4. Throw the paper balls from the start line aiming to land the paper on the table
Link the sports which you think have similar actions
Using the definitions at the bottom of the page, transfer the correct type of transfer into the description box in the table below. THEN add a sporting example….
occurs when learning in one task is enhanced by learning in another task
learning a golf stroke may be enhanced by virtue of the fact that the player is a good cricketer
occurs when the learning of a new task is interfered with by the knowledge of a similar activity
the flexible use of the wrist needed for badminton may interfere with the firm wrist needed for tennis
influence of one skill on a skill yet to be learned
having learned the forehand drive in tennis, the action is then modified to the forehand drive with top spin
this is the transfer which takes place from one limb to another
sometimes called lateralisation
a soccer player learns to kick a ball with the non-preferred foot, the actions are learnt through reference by the brain to the preferred foot
Exam Practice TASK 3:
highlight the features of the answer that you feel can be written better or information that is incorrect and re write the answer in the space provided…

Q.1 Explain, using examples, when the following types of transfer are most likely to occur:
- positive transfer [2]
- negative transfer [2]
- zero transfer [2]

Past exam question from June 2013
Q.2 Transfer of learning is widely recognised as having a strong influence on the learning and performance of movement skills.

Describe, using a practical example for each, what is meant by positive, negative, proactive and retroactive transfer. [4]
TASK 5: Questioning the question
Before completing the question consider the questions below, then write some notes beneath….
- Give plenty of praise and feedback
- Provide clear and concise demonstrations
- The elements of information processing must be similar
- Practice environment must be similar to the competition environment
Mark Scheme
Name and explain three different types of transfer.
(An OCR question 2001)

Positive transfer occurs when one skill helps the learning and performance of another e.g. throwing transfers positively to tennis serving. Conversely, negative transfer impedes the development of other skills. For example, a backhand shot in squash would be detrimental to its counterpart in tennis. In zero transfer no effect is registered e.g. a forward defence in cricket has no relationship with shooting in netball. Retroactive transfer takes place when a newly learned skill facilitates or disrupts a previously learned skill e.g. a recently learned javelin throw would transfer to an earlier movement of a soccer throw in. Proactive transfer takes place when old skills relate to a new skill. An example of this has been given earlier. Finally bi-lateral transfer is the transfer of learning from limb to limb. For example, a dominant right footed player, learning to kick with the left.

Summary of Learning
What has transferred to your long term memory?!
TASK 6: A Case study
Include as much detail from today's learning as possible
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