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Katie and Sam's Bill Clinton Timeline

A timeline describing the events that shaped Bill Clinton's approval rating.

Katie Newman

on 28 January 2010

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Transcript of Katie and Sam's Bill Clinton Timeline

Double click anywhere & add an idea January 20, 1993 January 22- February 5, 1993 February 26, 1993 June- December 1994 April 19, 1995 January 20, 1995 Early 1996 August 20, 1996 January 20, 1997 May 1997 August 17, 1998 November 1998 August 2000 February 2000 1998-1999 December 1998 1993 January 20
Clinton isinaugurated January 22- February 5
Clinton began his term with family-oriented legislation such as the Family and Medical leave act and bills that eased abortion restrictions. February 26
The World Trade Center
is bombed. 1994 June- December
Throughout the course of
7 months, Clinton strengthened
gun control laws and expanded
conservation in California. 1995 January 20
The Clinton administration
issues a $20 billion
loan to the Mexican government. April 19
The Oklahoma City
bombing occurs. 1996 Early January
Clinton faces a
negative Congress. August 20
Clinton implements
largest minimum
wage increase in
history. 1997 January 20
Clinton is inaugurated
for a second term. May
The Clinton administration and
Republican leaders in Congress
create a budget that would
eliminate the defecit in 5 years. 1998 August 17
Clinton confesses to having
relations with intern
Monica Lewinsky. November
Democrats gain seats in
midterm elections. 1998-1999 "It's the economy, stupid." December
Consumer confidence is at its
highest point since October 1968. 2000 February
Labor Department announces
the nation's longest
economic expansion ever. August
Vice President Gore wins
the Democratic presidential
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