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Suffix "less" Practice Quiz

Practice Quiz for "less" words.

Zong Heng

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Suffix "less" Practice Quiz

1:After running 5 miles, the jogger was _____.
A) breathless
B) restless
C) effortless
D) motionless 2: When a person doesn't drive safely on the road,
this person is a ____ driver.
A) speechless
B) reckless
C) timeless
D) penniless 4: When Crystal won the award she was so shocked that she was ____.
A) odorless
B) worthless
C) penniless
D) speechless 3: The ___ farmer works very early in the morning till sun down on his farm.
A) effortless
B) odorless
C) tireless
D) fearless Suffix "less" Quiz 5: The ___ character in the play has no money and no home to live.
A) fearless
B) penniless
C) breathless
D) carelessness Instructions:
Please take out a piece of paper and a pen/pencil. Write down what you think the answer will be. Answers will be shown at the end! Answers:
1: A
2: B
3: C
4: D
5: B
6: A
7: C
8: C
9: D
10: D
11. B I hope this helped you understand more about "LESS" words. Good luck on the test! 6: Hunter loves sky diving, skiing, and swimming in the deep ocean. He is ____.
A) fearless
B) excited
C) motionless
D) timeless 7: Some people that are allergic to bees tends to be ____ with the hope that the bee would fly away.
A) reckless
B) restless
C) motionless
D) odorless 8: When a room is so clean and sterile, it might be _____.
A) penniless
B) speechless
C) odorless
D) worthless 9: The shiny rubies turn out to be ____ after the jeweler took a closer look. What a disappointment.
A) breathless
B) effortless
C) penniless
D) worthless 10: Joe loves reading so much because it is fun and easy. He can read all day long. Which word describe how reading is to Joe?
A) tireless
B) speechless
C) boring
D) effortless 11: What does the suffix "less" mean?
A. little
B. without
C. with
D. again
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