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What Is Invader Zim?

The telling of invader zim!!!

Jordan Bowler

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of What Is Invader Zim?

What is Invader Zim? The characters! ZIM Zim is incompetent as an invader who is overzealous, impulsive, and convinced of his own greatness. He dreams of regaining his leaders' trust, the Almighty Tallest. The Tallest send him to Earth on a fake mission of conquest. They were expecting him to die or become lost en route. Against the odds, Zim lands on Earth. Because of his stature, Zim disguises himself as a human child using a wig to cover his antennae and lenses to make his eyes look normal. He is constantly shouting at everyone that they "LIE!" whenever things do not go his way, his undisguised green skin, a severe allergy to water, his refusal to eat human food, multiple failures in his disguise, and an occasionally blatant disregard for his own cover, no one realizes that Zim is an alien—with the exception of Dib. GIR Gir is a defective, retarted little robot that loves to terrorize zim and ignores him all the time. Gir lobes pizza, piggies, and giving the enemy ice cream. Dib jkgkhjik ghkj
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