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100% with Practice

No description

Anwar Abdul-Rahman

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of 100% with Practice

100% with Practice
“There’s only one acceptable percentage of students following a direction: 100% Less, and your authority is subject to interpretation, situation and motivation” (Lemox, 168)

What does this mean? Provide an example of a classroom where this occurs and a classroom where this does not occur.
Detail 3
Role Plays/Practice
Pencils Down...
Do Now:
Identify two things Sunyata did well? Identify two things she can improve on?
Why 100%
- Builds a culture of compliance
- Compliance is positive empowering for the scholar, not the teacher
- An exercise that will help students achieve

How do I maintain 100%?
-Use the least invasive form of intervention
oNon verbal cues (gestures, eye contact)
oPositive group correction (All eyes at the front)
oAnonymous individual correction (We need two people)
oPrivate individual correction (warning, consequence thereafter)
oLightning quick public correction (Pablo, I need your eyes)
-Compliance is an exercise in purpose, not power
oScholars need to follow instructions 100% of the time because it gives them the best chance to succeed
oNot because it feels good, but because it is the right thing for scholars

- Emphasize compliance you can see
Using the strategies we just discussed, explain three things Nico did well; explain three things he can improve on.
All Eyes on Me...
Jar of Fun :)
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