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The Dead and Buried by Kim Harrington: Zoe Medaglia

No description

Otarola Period 5

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of The Dead and Buried by Kim Harrington: Zoe Medaglia

By Zoe Medaglia The Dead and Buried
By Kim Harrington Conflicts and Solutions More by Kim Harrington Clarity
Sleuth or Dare
Framed and Dangerous
Perception This book takes place in Woodbridge.
Jade described hew new home as "...big and beautiful, pale yellow with black shutters." (Harrington, page 8) Jade Main Characters For those who love mystery! Recommendations Setting Subtle- She doesn't ask for much, or stand out
Determined- She's determined to find Kayla's killer
Loving- She cares and protects her little brother Colby Kayla Bossy- She demands people to do things for her
Mean- If anyone stands in her way, she'll knock them down... hard
Athletic- She played many sports and exceeded expectations
Smart- She was going to win a full scholarship before she was unexpectedly killed Kayla Jade Jade wants Kayla Sloane to stop haunting her but she won't unless she finds out who pushed her down the stairs to her death so Jade goes on a prowl to find Kayla's killer. Kayla Sloane wants to know who pushed her to her death but she never saw who pushed her, so she has Jade to find her killer, otherwise Colby, Jade's beloved little brother, gets hurt. *Jade has a collection of gems that her deceased mother used to collect. She uses them for different challenges every day! That's why her name is Jade; a jades symbol stands for the protector of children and this is why she cares so much for Colby, her younger brother.* Book Fact Words to Keep in Mind Gems
Unexpected Jade is the new girl in the town Woodbridge. She just moved into her dream home... Or so she thought. When the kids at school start to whisper whenever she comes their way, Jade started to wonder.Finally she found out what the secret had been. She was living in the home of the most popular girl in school. This girl was Kayla Sloane, and she was murdered. Now Kayla's spirit haunts the home and Jade's little brother Colby. How many risks will Jade take to save her brother and put Kayla's spirit to rest? Introduction Quote "Looking back, we'd all been haunted by the Dead and Buried. Not just the house. We'd carried ghosts inside of us, making our spirits weary. Dad, Marie, and I with my mother. Faye, Kane and the others with Kayla. And perhaps heavier than the ghost were the secrets we carried." (Harrington, pages 292-293) This quote shows how everyone carries burden. It may be big or little, either way everyone has experienced it. Carrying a burden may be physically, with maybe an injury caused by a fight, or emotionally, maybe someone who you were close with passed away. I thought this was a great quote to use from The Dead and Buried because everyone has lived through burden, and it's good to bring attention to it. Sometimes talking about these types of things is healthy and bring our spirits up, get something off our chest. If you were in Jade's place, what would you do? What would you do if you had to solve the murder case of an angry spirit who threatened to hurt your family? How would feel if an unexpected intruder threatened your family? Questions I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mystery, paranormal, and romantic books. It's a perfect blend of all three! The Dead and Buried is very interesting because you'd never expect who killed Kayla and all of Kayla's darkest secrets. You're sucked into a whole new world that will make you want to read the next chapter. This book is definitely one of my favorites! Summary In the Dead and Buried, Jade, the main character, moved into the house of the most popular girl in school who was murdered. Her name was Kayla Sloane and was pushed to her death. Still no one knew who did it, and now it's Jade's job to discover the killer, otherwise Kayla, an angry spirit who is able to connect to Jade through Colby, will hurt Colby. Many people suspected Kayla's boyfriend, Donovan. They also suspected an enemy of Kayla's, Alexa. Both of them were innocent. Kane was Kayla's ex boyfriend and he too had nothing to do with the death of Kayla. In a turn of events, it was Kane's little sister, Ellie, who pushed Kayla down a flight of stairs in her own home. Finally, Kayla's spirit was put to rest, and Jade and her family were safe at last. Gems Mystery Murder Love Secrets Unexpected *Character Fact*
Jade was actually very upset when her baby brother was going to be born But when she held him for the first time "...all the hatred, the anger, and selfish, petulant feelings evaporated" (Harrington, page 6) *Character Fact*
Kayla is very cruel and she knows it too! She even wrote in her diary, "With popularity comes power and I could crush any of them with a simple text blast." (Harrington, page 1)
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