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Kate Nash - OMYGOD video analysis

No description

Alisha Evans

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Kate Nash - OMYGOD video analysis

Kate Nash - OMYGOD video analysis
The first few lines of the song follows Goodwin's music video analysis theory by fitting in with the visuals of her and her friends on a beach ‘Hey, check me out I’m so happy by the sea’ except she is the only one that does not look happy. She looks as if she is faking a smile. ‘They don’t know how I feel inside’ again fits with the visual of her walking along the beach behind all her friends.
The next scene is a garden party with a pool. There a synchronised swimmers in the vintage flowery swimming caps. There is over cranking as the swimmers splash water going down into the pool. The lyrics again fit with the visual ‘I wish he was in my bed’ as she pulls her skirt down a little lower which is voyeuristic and suggest she would like to sleep with him.
The video beings with
a different song being played quietly in the background as she writes and rips up a post card. We later find out that this links to the lyrics ‘I write a post card every day’. This scene has very low key lighting to suggest sadness. There is then seagull squawking as the song begins which links to her being on the beach.
This video is a mixture of
narrative and performance and it was directed by Aram Rappaport in 2013 and it follows the conventions of an indie pop video. It has lots of bright colours in it but then it has some low key lit scenes too. Like most music videos it follows Goodwin's theory by cutting on the beat of the song. Kate Nash has a very distinct star image;
black and blonde hair
vintage clothing
red lipstick
This makes her stand out to her fans as well as her very unique voice.
I really like the next scene. It is a low angle shot of her singing and walking backwards into a lot of vintage swing dresses that the women are ruffling up. This chorus shows a dance scene and all the other scenes merge and fade into each other which looks very nice. At the end of the second repeat of the chorus the entire colour fades out of the low lit shot and for a few seconds it is in black and white. But when the dancing scene comes back it is colourful but low lit still. There are a lot of light flares on the camera which looks very pretty and fits with the style of the video. The chorus is repeated 5 times which is enough to show a big compilation of shots. During the last repeat of the chorus we see her performing on stage at the dance party which is a good way to end an indie pop music video.
There is a quick cut back to the garden party for the next verse of the song and Kate Nash is surrounded by synchronised swimmers in the pool while she looks directly into camera and sings. There is then a mixture of over cranking and under cranking as the camera moves around the garden so we can see all the different activities going on. The camera finally settles back on the swimmers with their legs out of the pool moving them up and down to the beat of the song.
The visuals then go back to fitting with the lyrics ‘the sun shines down on me’ the video shows a group of girls and her on sun loungers with sun glasses on. The lyrics then go on to say ‘the bar does 2 for 1 but I’m not having any fun’ and everyone around her is having fun while she stands looking miserable and singing while holding 2 drinks in her hand. She looks miserable because we now know she misses the boy.
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