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Information system for human resources management.

No description

Kittikun Satrnoi

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Information system for human resources management.

Information system for human resources management. Also referred to as information systems personnel. Including systems related to corporate employees. Because of the work of human resources to involve all parts of the organization. Therefore, the role of information systems personnel, thus affecting the success of the organization. The human resource management information system should have the ability to analyze and workload planning, recruitment, employee training, assigning tasks to employees and other tasks. Related to personnel The system should be able to effectively manage personnel costs to a minimum while still meeting the needs of personnel in various operations. To achieving organizational objectives Figure 18 provides an overview of information systems to manage human resources.
Overview of information system for human resources management.
Imported to the information system for human resources management.
1. Strategic plans and policies.
2. Systems, transaction processing
3. external sources
Subsystem and results of an information system for human resources management.
Subsystems in the human resources management information systems include human resource planning, commissioning, training and skills, and administrative salaries and wages. The results from the system, including human resources planning, resumes, reports, personnel skills, salary surveys. The report will help the management to assign work to employees. To serve customers effectively and efficiently, and assist in scheduling the work. To get the job as required
Information system for human resources management.
Information system for human resources management.
Information system for management accounting.
Information system for management accounting. To support the accounting for the organization. The system consists of vital functions, such as the gathering of information in the accounts expenses, accounts receivable, payroll, etc. By using data from the transaction processing system of the organization.
Management information systems for workgroups.
Group refers to the Managed System of the person from 2 persons up, which works well. So that the system is performing a certain task. The role of relations among the group members and the group of the standard which defines the operations of the group and each member of the group.
Group consisting of the same section.
Refers to a group task, each member of the group has been active and are doing the same. (Excluding directors), such as the shipment from the warehouse. This may be one of the chief The work is divided into two rounds, each round has a year-round one. Remaining staff to work in the round one or round two. The work of these employees are the same. So when adding an additional staff person to the group. Will result in increased number. If more employees at two, three, four and even more jobs will be added to the group as well. For each employee
Information Systems for this purpose can be easily created. Because every member works the same. When an information system developed to support the work of one employee. It is able to support the work of other members. In the same
Group that contains parts that are not the same.
Refers to a group in which all members of the group have different roles and work as a group to assist customers. In a person with specific expertise on one side is different. Group to assist customers may be divided into groups, such as groups that provide assistance products word processor. The group provides assistance with product type database management system. The group provides assistance with product sheet. Or group, the training group to provide assistance to customers.
    The development of information systems for this purpose can be quite difficult and costly. Because the system must try to support the work of each member. Which has a different job to do.
Kittikun Satrnoi
Room.2/2 No. 10
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