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The Other Wes Moore Final Project

No description

Laura Falardeau

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of The Other Wes Moore Final Project

The Other Wes Moore
Final Project

By: Laura Falardeau
My Timeline:
Timeline of the Author and
the Other Wes Moore:

Ideal Future
Other Future
Author Wes Moore
Other Wes Moore
Chapter Two
Chapter One
Chapter Three
Turning Points
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Turning Point
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Turning Point
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Author Wes
Other Wes
Author Wes
Author Wes
Author Wes
Other Wes
Other Wes
Other Wes
Wes's father died when Wes was almost four years old.
"That is one of only two memories I have of my father. The other was when I watched him die,” (pg 11).
Wes goes out and plays basketball in his new neighborhood, and discovers a passion for the sport.
Wes is arrested for spray-painting with his friend Shea.
“I looked out the window, saw the two cops searching Shea’s bag with the spray paint cans…” (pg 82).
Wes tries to run away from military school after being sent by his mother for misbehaving and performing poorly in school.
“The directions he had given me were false. They’d led me nowhere but to the middle of the woods,” (pg 93).
Wes decides not to fight back against his drunk attackers.
Wes travels to Africa to study abroad.
“We went to school together at the University of Cape Town,” (pg 164).
Wes meets his alcoholic father for the first time.
“’Wes, meet your father,’” (pg 25).
Wes is arrested for trying to attack a neighbor with a knife after the boy punched him in the face.
“As Woody got closer, his attention was diverted from Wes’s left hand to his right, where he held a long-bladed knife,” (pg 33).
Wes steals and uses his mother's weed for the first time. He realizes the appeal of drugs.
“As he lay in bed, he realized how time seemed to stop when he was high, how the drug-smoking it, feeling it’s effects, recovering from it-made him forget everything else,” (pg 62).
Wes and his friend shoot at Ray and get arrested.
“Wes and his friend traded shots and finally heard Ray scream as he fell behind a black Toyota just fifty feet from his house,” (pg 105).
Wes becomes greedy and decides to sell a man drugs, even though he is suspicious that he is an undercover cop. He is arrested as a result.
Wes joins the Job Corps with his friend Levy.
“Wes stood in a parking lot on the corner of Saratoga and Greene streets, waiting for the bus that would take him to the Woodland Job Corps Center in Laurel,” (pgs 140-141).
Wes is arrested for participating in the fatal armed robbery of a jewelry store. He is therefore sentenced to life in prison.
Wes gets involved in using and selling drugs.
Wes lies to his mother and brother about how he’s able to afford all of his Nikes. He tells them that he earned the money DJing, when in fact he earned it selling drugs.
“Tony found his younger brother and asked for an explanation for the leaning tower of Nikes. Wes stuttered out a story: he’d become a popular DJ in the neighborhood and was making incredible loot DJing parties,” (pg 69).
"I wanted to stay at Valley Forge and attend
its junior college, which would allow me to go
through the early commissioning process, receive
my associate's degree, and become a second
lieutenant in the Army," (pg 133).
Wes decides to stay in military school and lead soldiers.
"The man threw up red flags,
but Wes had dealt to people
like that before and gotten away
with it," (pg 113).
"Should I have stayed there in the middle
of the street, waiting for the boys to come back,
somehow gotten them out of their car, and tested
them blow for blow? Part of me was aghast when
I decided that the answer was no," (pg 121).
"I asked them when they would be back out
playing, and they said tomorrow, same time,
same place. So would I," (pg 45).
Wes begins to let his grades slip.
"Disappointed with Ds, pleasantly satisfied with Cs, and celebratory about a B, I allowed my standards at school to become pathetic," (pg 54).
Wes begins to do poorly academically.
Wes is sent to military school by his mother. She sends him to Valley Forge Military Academy after he is put on academic and disciplinary probation at school, and after he punches his sister. At military school, Wes is secluded from the outside world, including drugs and violence. Wes begins to care about his schoolwork and future.
Wes became lieutenant, or leader, of a small crew of drug dealers. After the birth of his first child with Alicia, Wes needed a way to support his growing family. Since it was difficult for him to find a job without a high school diploma or job training, Wes decided to jump further into the drug game.
Turning Point
In 2013, I completed my last year of middle school and began my freshman year of high school. I began to think about my future and how I would like to attend college. I realized that in order to go to a college of my choosing, I would have to buckle down and make sure my grades were the best they could be.
Choice One
When I was ten years old, my first nephew, Jaxson, was born. I realized that I now had someone who looked up to me. I knew I had to set a good example, and always do what was best.
Choice Two
When I was in sixth grade, I got lunch detention for jokingly pouring chocolate milk into my friend's salad at lunch one day. I was devastated. I had to eat lunch in a room with, at the time, scary, poorly behaved eighth graders. I promised myself that from that point on, I would be the perfect student. I decided that I would never put myself in a situation like that again.
Choice Three
Throughout middle school and my freshman and sophomore year of high school, I have done some traveling. In middle school, I went on a trip to California with my cousins and my grandparents. While I've been in high school, I have traveled to Disney World in Florida. I also went to New York City three times. I have realized that as I get older, and throughout my life, that I would really like to travel all around the country, as well as world.
Choice Four
I have decided that I want to take at least two honors or AP classes every year throughout high school. I would like to go to a good college and get a good job, which would require getting good grades in good classes.
Choice Five
In order to be eligible to join the National Honor Society, I am choosing to volunteer with the Pets In Need Animal Rescue Organization. I adopted my cat from them, and I really enjoy animals. I thought it would be a good way to acquire community service hours, while having fun at the same time.
Choice Six
I am going to be turning 16 on April 30th, 2015. Even though I am dreading going to driver's ed, I want to get my driver's license so that I can drive myself to school, as well as hang out with my friends. I have decided that I want to get my license as soon as I possibly can.
Turning Point
The turning point of my future will be my college career. If I do well in college, I will be more likely to succeed. I will be more likely to get a high-paying job that I also enjoy. If I don't do well, then my future will be uncertain.
Outcome One
I will get into the college of my dreams. I will do very well, and I will have near, if not perfect attendance. I will study, and do the best that I can.
Outcome Two
As a result of my excellent college career, I will get a high-paying and enjoyable job. I will receive the job of my dreams, and I will never have to stress about money. I will be able to live comfortably.
Outcome One
I will do poorly in college, and will eventually drop out. My family will be disappointed in me, and I will be disappointed in myself. I will live with my parents, and hang out by myself, because my friends will all be focused on college.
Outcome Two
I won't be able to get a good job, because I was unable to graduate from college. I may begin to make poor decisions, like resorting to alcohol or drugs to help deal with the stress of being broke and unsuccessful. I may become depressed, because I will regret dropping out of college and letting everyone, especially myself, down.
Author Wes is a Rhodes Scholar and a Combat Veteran of Afghanistan. He also was a White House Fellow.
The Other Wes remains in prison to this very day. He stills claims that he is innocent.
“The sentence was indeed life in prison without the possibility of parole,” (pg 157).
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