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Allegorical Analysis of The Lorax

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Patrick Black

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Allegorical Analysis of The Lorax

Allegorical Analysis
The Lorax

Presentation By: Patrick Black
Big Picture Allegory
The Lorax by Dr. Seuss is a representation of the growing environmental movements during the Vietnam Era. It shows how people started to care and listen about the environment, realizing that we are damaging it and that we need to stop.
The wildlife- represents itself by showing how beautiful it is and how we destroyed it.
The Oncler- represents the greedy CEOs and the business it works for that is destroying the environment just to gain profit.
The boy- represents the part of society that wants to know the facts and wants to change. He's young and full of curiosity and passion.
The Lorax- represents the warning that was given but not taken to the environmental problems of the time, although eventually the warning given was realized and seized.
Other Comparisons/Metaphors
-The secrecy when the Oncler tells the boy about what he did is like big businesses trying to cover their tracks when they talk about how they are ruining the environment.
-The way Dr. Seuss describes the Truffula forest makes it sound unbelievably beautiful. It’s like our own environment. It also shows how we ruin this beauty.
-The Oncler’s business is like a lot of big business in America in the way that it really only cares about money, then only realizes what they have done when money stops flowing in.

The ideas of major environmental movements during the Vietnam Era are being demonstrated through this story.
The real issue is being compared to the Oncler’s greed and how we destroyed the environment. This is very effective because it’s so exaggerated it makes you think and dread what we might do to the earth.
Dr. Seuss wrote this during a time of big environmental movements and tree huggers which really influenced this book to be spun towards saving the environment.
The Lorax uses a lot of elements of satire. The main one being exaggeration in the form of how Dr. Seuss describes the truffula forest in such beauty. Yes, it is very effective, it shows a large change and gets the reader to realize what we have done or are going to do to damage the Earth.
The book also uses a lot of metaphors comparing the before and after environment in the book to the environment in the real world. It is effective because people start thinking about the large change in the environment in the book.
Vietnam Era Environmental Movement Examples
One last example is the first earth day ever was held in 1970.
Another example of a pioneer in environment regulations was a marine biologist by the name of Rachel Carson. She wrote a book called
Silent Spring
that led to a lot of talk to stop the use of dangerous pesticides.
Pioneers who "cared a whole awful lot" helped end a lot of environmentally damaging actions. For example Carol Yamacone and her husband pushed lawsuits to stop the use of the damaging pesticide DDT.
By: Dr. Seuss
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