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Jeffrey Dahmer

No description

Adam Obrock

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Jeffrey Dahmer

The Line-up a.k.a. The Milwaukee Monster -Born May 21st, 1960 to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer
-During his childhood, Dahmer was known to collect roadkill
-Developed a bad drinking habit in high school
-Parents divorced when Dahmer was almost 18 A Troubled Past Dahmer picked up 19 year old Steven Hicks as a hitchhiker in 1978.
Dahmer took him to his house for a sexual encounter.
When the two were done, Hicks tried to leave, but Dahmer wanted him to stay, so he struck him over the head with a barbell, killing him. First Victim- Steven Hicks Jeffrey Dahmer The Basics -Name: Jeffrey Dahmer
-Crime: Murder, Rape, and often
consumption of 17 people
-Dahmer was caught and charged with
17 counts of murder. The court later
reduced it to 15, and Dahmer was
sentenced to 15 consecutive life
sentences, approx. 937 years in prison. Ernest Miller-22
David Thomas-23
Curtis Straughter-16
Errol Lindsey-19
Tony Hughes-31
Konerak Sinthasomphone-14
Oliver Lacy-23
Joseph Bradeholt-25 Steven Hicks-18
Steven Tuomi-26
Jamie Doxtator-14
Richard Guerrero-25
Anthony Sears-24
Eddie Smith-36
Ricky Beeks-27
Matt Turner-20
Jeremiah Weinberger-23 Ritual Killing -pick up victims at gay bar/ bribe with alcohol or money
-bring back to house for sexual encounter
-murder victim
-dismemberment/ continued sexual encounters
-occasional consumption
-Averaged 1 murder per week in June and July 1991 The One That Got Away -Tracy Edwards, July 22nd, 1991
-Dahmer failed at handcuffing Edwards, and he
-Edwards was spotted by police, and led police back
to Dahmer's appartment.
-Police arrested Dahmer on suspicion of murder His Apartment -Human Head and two hearts in the refrigerator
-Three heads. a torso and various limbs in freezer
-Numerous skulls, either painted or left dry
-Hydrochloric Acid
-Severed Hands and Male Genetalia
-Claw Hammer, Handsaw, Drills and Drill bits
-Pornographic videos and pictures of victims
-57 gallon tub filled with hydrochloric acid for
The Death of a Monster Jeffrey Dahmer died November 28, 1994
by fellow inmate Chris Scarver
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