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Fardin Syed

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of Peta

(People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) PETA Animals Used For Food Animals Used For Clothing Animals In Laboratories Animals In The Entertainment Industry Animals are forced to do silly tricks in circusses, tv shows, commercials, etc. The animals are given little space, food, and are very lonely. The animals are often given physical punishment. The animals can go crazy and even die. They have people go undercover in facilities where animals are abused. How Does Peta Help Animals We can donate money to Peta. How Can We Help Animals Some animals that are used for food are cows, turkey, chicken, pigs, and fish Making meat can actually harm the environment Eating a lot of meat products can give you heart disease, obesity, or cancer. Every day, thousands of animals are crammed in factory farms waiting to be killed. Animals are skinned alive to just to make the spending lower. In China, the fur is often mislabeled. The animals are put into unbearably small cages The food that the animals are
fed are even unfit for themselves. The fur industry refuses to treat the animals better. Animals are crippled and killed by traps. Animals are experimented on in laboratories. The effects from the experiment could kill or injure them. The animals are given many drugs. After awhile, the animals will die from so many unwanted drugs. Any type of medication you use could have been tested on animals They hold campaigns against companies that abuse animals. They arrest people who abuse animals. The have celebrities talk about how bad animals abuse is and celebrities in photo shoots about animal abuse. They work through public education, the government, and special events. Peta does research about places where animals are abused. We can volunteer at Peta. We can work at Peta We can contact Peta if we think there are animals being abused. We can let people know that animals are abused Peta is the biggest animals right organization in the world. About Peta Peta has about 3 million members and supporters. Peta spends a lot of time with animals used for food, clothing, experiments, and entertainment. Peta want to encourage a healthy vegan diet, protest loudly against animal abuse, and show people the cruelty that happens to animals. This was done by... Fardin Syed Sameed Khalid Umar Shabbir Ammad Ahsan
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