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Dorian Gray

A prezi on the book Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

ljnk kjh

on 9 December 2010

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Transcript of Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray, a book written by Oscar Wilde A book about one man's life changes, drama, & death. Dorian Gray is a young man who's life changes within the story. His two friends, Basil and Henry, are huge influences on him. Basil makes a portrait of Dorian, which changes with his personality. Be warned: the following contains plot spoilers, and will most likeley ruin the book for readers. At certain points in the book, characters die. First, Sibyl Vane, a woman Dorian loved, comitted suicide after he dumped her very harshly. A few years after, Dorian sees Basil again, and during their conversation, Dorian says that all his friendships end badly. We learn here that one of his childhood friends' comitted suicide as well. After the conversation, Dorian takes Basil to see the painting he made for him. Shocked at the changes, Basil begs Dorian to change himself. When he looks back at the picture, Dorian becomes outraged, and stabbs Basil to death. And finally, at the end of the book, Dorian kills himself,trying to stab the painting of himself. The painting reverts to how
it first looked, and Dorian takes the appearance of an old man. And that's The Picture of
Dorian Gray in a nutshell!
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