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Who uses AAVE and how widely is it spoken

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Marie Vercruyssen

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Who uses AAVE and how widely is it spoken

Who uses AAVE?
-Slaves (Originated during the Slave Trade)
-African American
-Many speakers live in the south
-Many young people use AAVE, especially young black men.
-Street Rappers
-Street Musicians

How widely is it spoken?
AAVE is widely spoken in the north by Rappers, street musicians, and street rappers. With the aid of this AAVE is becoming more popular in the northern states.
Key examples of AAVE
"He runnin. (He is running.)"
"He be runnin. (He is usually running.)"
"He be steady runnin. (He is usually running in an intensive, sustained manner.)"
"He bin runnin. (He has been running.)"
"He bin runnin. (He has been running for a long time and still is.)"

Stereo types
When and how AAVE originated
Theory One- Africans picked up English when they arrived in the US during the Slave trade, but picked it up badly because they weren't alowed to be educated.

Theory Two- During the slave trade they all had to be able to communicate so they learned a mixture of English and african to communicate.
AAVE Investigation
The stereotype that southern african speak like this due to their race and their ancestry.
Think people that speak AAVE are uneducated.
The image in 1960's America was that anyone that talked with this accent was dangerous and considered a thrid class citizen.
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