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The Count of Monte Cristo Themes

No description

Shannon Stewart

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of The Count of Monte Cristo Themes

themes Theme 2 Theme 3 If you try hard enough you can be prosperous in life Real Life Connection The Count of Monte Cristo Connection The Count of Monte Cristo Connection Real Life Connection There are tons of fish in the sea Revenge is not always sweet. Real Life Connection The Count of Monte Cristo Connection Theme 1 In real life sometimes people feel as though they have been wronged and seek revenge on others. After they get revenge, they may realize that it doesn't feel as good as they expected. For example: If one sibling played a practical joke on another and the other and he or she got back at them. After seeing the effects of the prank they may see that it was worse than what was done to
them. Sometimes people also realize that their
are just causing pointless, endless backstabbing. Just like in the 'Count of Monte Cristo' people come and go in real life. Sometimes one will assume that a person is the love of their life, but things change. After a certain amount of time a person will find out that, there are tons of fish in the sea and there is someone else in the world for them. Saying something such as this is really corny, but accurate. There is someone for everyone. Dantés has lost everything after he is put in prison. After he meets Faria he is acquires a fortune for his good deeds, and receives intelligence and overall life. After hard work and determination the Count finally finds the treasure and when he does he can't believe his eyes. This quote describes a bit of that: "Dantès ran out of the cave with the wild exalteration of a man who has come to the brink of madness. He climbed up on a rock from which he could see the surrounding sea. He was alone, all alone with these incalculable, unheard-of fabulous riches which belonged to him!" Albert and Mercédès also went from poverty to being rich and happy, from their hard work. "'If he watches me for six months I'll be either an officer or dead. If I become an officer your life is assured, mother because I will have enough money for both of us and a new name that we will both be proud of since it will be your real name. And if I'm killed- well mother, you can die if you like and then our misfortune will come to an end through its own excess.'"
The Count's ultimate goal is to get his revenge, but after tasting his revenge, he realizes he went overboard. His revenge doesn't feel as victorious as he expected. He begins to wish that he could go back and make up for his mistakes. For example in the book it states: "A man watched her departure from a hidden vantage point. Passing his head over his forehead, he said 'How can I give back the happiness I've taken away from those two innocent creatures? God will help me.'" This quote shows that the Count realizes he ruined Mercédès's and Albert's lives and he wishes that he could fix it. This quote shows that Monte Cristo knows he has done wrong: "Monte Cristo paled at this horrible sight. He realized he had gone beyond
the limits of rightful vengeance and could no longer say, 'God
is for me and with me.'" This is part of the reason the
Count went to his old prison cell. The Count of Monte Cristo Ever since Edmond first met her, he knew Mercédès was the only one for him. Mercédès also knew Edmond was the only one for her. When Dantès is thrown in prison, all of that changes. When he comes back, Mercédès is married to his mortal enemy and for years he doesn't love anyone like he loved her. 'The Count of Monte Cristo' explains how his unfulfilled love is changed. For example: "Monte Cristo's joy, while less apparent was no less intense than Haydée's. He begun to realize something which he had not dared believe before: that there was another Mercédès in the world, that he might once again be happy." The Count has found that there is someone for him and that just because Mercédès is married to Fernand it doesn't mean can't be
happy. In this quote, the Count sees that he is loved back and that he doesn't mind
that Mercédès didn't remain devoted to him while he was in prison. "The
Count trembled at the sound of her voice, which touched the most secret
fibers of his heart. 'Can what I suspected be true?' he cried. 'Haydée
would you be happy to stay with me?'"

Throughout history there have been people who were born with nothing. Determination and countless tries got them fortune, changes of laws, and countless thanks. Even when people don't think they have what they need to succeed they can still change their lives around if they try hard enough. It is never too late to stop what you are doing and change something for the better. That is what life is all about.
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