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Cognosy Final

No description

Asmaa Saeed

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Cognosy Final

Herbal Drugs Safe
In Pregnancy Pregnancy & Cold Eucalyptus Tilia Do You Know That Is the immune system affacted by pregnancy? Laxatives Why is Constipation a common Problem in Pregnancy? -Most medicines cross the placental barrier .
-The first trimester is the period of greatest
risk. * Why?? Progesterone relaxes the intestinal muscles.
Pressure of Uterus against the rectum.
Iron tablets The freshly collected
leaves of Eucalyptus globulus Member Member Member Member Member Member Member (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Bulk laxative stimulant laxative (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Pentamix Eucalyptus Guava Thyme Fennel Tilia The ones we eat in Egypt are called "Apple Guava" There is another type called 'Strawberry Guava" Active Constituents: Eucalyptol (Cineol)***
Resin Uses family "Myrtacae" Side Effects -Orally in high conc. Toxicity Nausea
Muscle weakness
Difficulty Breathing**
Convulsions Fennel Regumucil
sachets Active ingredient :
Psyllium Husk Psyllium husk
(Isphagula) Psyllium husk is the seed cover of Plantago ovata , Plantaginaceae. -A.C : fibers, vitamins and minerals. Mechanism: contain hemicellulose which
acts as a sponge in the GIT. Use : Bulk Laxative Precautions Taken with at least 2 glasses of water .****
Drink fluids to avoid dehydration. Side Effects : Hypoglycemia
Choking or bowel obstruction* Absorbs water
Softens Stool
Slow (12-24 hr.)
Safe in pregnancy
Ex :Psyllium Bowel motility
Not safe
Ex:Senna& castor oil Some medicines might:
Affect development
Cause deformation
Miscarriage Guava Dried or fresh leaves of
Psidium guajava
Family Myrtaceae Uses Tooth-ache,bad breath
&bleeding gums.
Diarrhea,nausea & vomitting.
Cough,sore throat & laryngitis. No Side Effects A.C:
vitamin A &C &B1,2,3 &folic acid
Vitamin C* A.C : Volatile oil (Fenchone&Anethole) Cold and congestion.
Indigestion & Flatulence.
Anemia (iron & histidine)*** USES -In large amounts stimulates uterus
but fennel infusion is safe. Side Effects : Allergic skin reaction
Skin sensitivity* Precautions -Contraindicated in breast ,uterine & ovarian cancer.* Pregnancy &
Constipation Dried fruits of Foeniculum vulgare
Family Apiaceae Thyme Dried leaves and flowering tops of thymus vulgaris family Lamiaceae A.C : Vol. oil (Thymol & Carvacol)***
Flavonoids Uses Antitussive & antiseptic***
Appetite stimulant
Diuretic & urinary antiseptic Precautions Large doses ..Uterine stimulant
Stop using 2 weeks prior to surgery* Carminative & antispasmodic
Very powerful antiseptic
Anticough for pregnant women in small doses
Astringent in diarrhea
Sore throat & fever The flowers of many species of
Tilia, Family Tiliaceae A.C : Volatile oil
Flavonoids (hesperidin) Uses Colds & sore throat
Spasmolytic & carminative
Diaphoretic to reduce fever Fennel , Thyme
& Tilia (Blue Gum)***
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