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2013-'14Technology Budget

Hardware & Software Items

Mike Skara

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of 2013-'14Technology Budget

in Our Schools:
Short- and Long-Term Plans Internet
Connection To additionally support the increased number of devices, the district's Internet connection needs to be upgraded as well. Additional Rationale for iPads / Network Upgrades
- Mobile Teacher Evaluations
- 21st Century Skills E-Books -Classics: Shakespeare, Great Expectations, Scarlet Letter, Moby Dick, etc. already available.
- Supervisors reviewing availability of textbooks & texts not already in public domain
- Current Apple policy: books purchased through iTunes Apple rights stay with the end user As technological
resources change,
we continue to research and adjust
our plans. Technology Advisory Board Staff members across district
Develop implementation plans
Software evaluators / testers Our goal is always to provide the best learning tools and environment to our students The iPad is the
most influential
educational technology
tool of today. The
district piloted carts
this year at
every building. We're proposing a 1:1 iPad
implementation at G.L. to
ensure students always
have access to high-quality
learning & productivity tools
$251,052 - three-year
lease purchase. To support that many
additional devices,
the district infrastructure
needs to be upgraded,
including... Access points to ensure quality wireless signal in every educational space. (coverage)
$107,000 Power over Ethernet (POE) network switches to which access points need to connect (density)
$170,874 Using many resources to develop best solutions To benefit from faster Internet
connection &
district resources,
K-8 Schools require
better inter-school
$91,391 five-year
lease purchase Why choose iPad - tablet vs. laptop - Tablet promotes touching, moving, rotation makes virtual objects more real
-Tablets are lighter, more portable
-Very long battery life, will last a full day
-District will provide bluetooth keyboard, to facilitate typing and act as a hard cover for iPad
-Macbook Air 45% more expensive, Windows RT not yet evaluated by PARCC Why iPad - iPad vs. Other Tablets Presentation Objectives 1:1 iPad initiative for GLHS
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