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Bus Tracking System

No description

Shanky Gupta

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of Bus Tracking System

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Nowadays, burning market trend is "SMART SCHOOL" concept. Schools and other educational bodies are investing millions of bucks in increasing in-class smartness,
but are we doing anything on the outer-front?
The thing that matter THE most for parents..??
Current Scenario
Calling bus drivers (and not even sure which ones) at last moment and rushing up
Moving towards Smartness, are we??
Every parent spends the affordable amount on prestigious schools with a hope of their child studying the best and also being taken care of. Well-equipped safe school premises and over-the-top caring staff personnel. Parents feel quite safe of their kids inside school. But, what about the time when the child leaves home(or school) and boards the bus?

Bus Tracking System is the solution to this....
Child Security
Endless waiting at bus stops in

Burning Summers,

Teeth Crackling Chilling Winters,

Raining Cats-and-Dogs.....
Bus Tracking System
No centralised control on Buses & Routes
No track on actual KMs travelled by buses
Issues of parents/children missing buses
No Database of Drivers/Conductors mapped to buses
Often delaying due to waiting for children to board and turn up at stops
Drivers getting shifted to various routes, who to contact?
No platform for parents to track the whereabouts of their children once they board buses
The child boarded the bus, went to school, but did he/she actually reach school??

Has the driver been flying the bus??

Solution to all problems and worries has arrived...

Intelligentlly manage everything with a centralised GPS connected, Biometric RFID enabled secure and robust
The Setup - What all is installed???
Mobile application
Biometric Scanner and Internet enabled device
Database and Server
Safe children, Happy Parents, Increased market reputation, Increased admissions, Lesser complaints, and prosperity....!!!

Why did the driver stop at the liquor store??
Has the driver been taking the correct route??
Why has the fuel consumption increased this month??
OMG, I don't know when Simi will reach home, shall I call the driver and ask?? But, which one?? o.O
SOS feature to get exact bus location and nearest Hospital/Security stations in case of mishaps

We pray you never need this (^-^)
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