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Project Management

Applying the PresentationZen principles to Prezi and PM

Damien Hughes

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Project Management

A Project Managers guide Applying
Presentation Zen
to PM. How I ended up here... Find the balance ARMS
Presentation Practice! Public Speaking Give them something more Sharing the load 1. Start with the end in mind
2. Plan in 'analog mode'
3. Have stories
4. It's all about your audience
5. Keep text to a minimum
6. Don't read word for word
7. Add documents to expand details By Damien Hughes PM Community of Practice Take away message Communication is Key Don't forget... Starting Point So you have data ....from this Lead from the
other foot... ... to this! My approach they know if you didn't What have I
stepped into? have fun! Master of the Art Some quick tips
Keep the word count down
Make images speak
Pace, Pitch, Pause
Watch the ums
Spell ckeck
Use laymans terms Avoid too many transitions, you'll make them dizzy! Lights, Camera, Action Prepare a handout
Create a call to action Reporting milestones
& the gantt chart What is the real message? OK so this might be taking it too far! Message = Project is on target... Who is your audience?
What do they already know?
What do they need to know? V's
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