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Live Green even


Bao Linh Pham

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Live Green even

Live green! Live green Welcome to
Ecologistas!!! Schedule Game Event's expenses Finance (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Team members Overlook Presentation - Presenter: 1 or 2 interns and 1 member.
- Equipment: microphone, pictures.
- Duration: 30 minutes.
- Combination of pop quiz and presentation. We need Delivering the essential information about the controversial environmental issues.
Raising awareness in responsibility of each student in protecting our environment.
Influencing the students of how can they contribute to protecting the Earth.
Giving some practical suggestions (3R, etc) HOW Thank you for
your attention!!! Rules - Old and used newspaper, magazine, empty bottles which will be brought by students.
- Tool: glue, scissors, tapes (will be provided by the volunteers.) Materials
2 interns are in charge of explaining the game's rules.
15-20 volunteers look after each groups of students and provide them tools.
Organizers check out the process of each groups as well as guiding. Human resources gfhgcgv Preparation plan Volunteer
recruitment 1/Bui Minh Duc
2/Pham Bao Linh
3/Nguyen Ba Viet
4/Nguyen Trinh Tam Luong
5/Tran An Khanh
6/Tran Thi Kim Ngan
7/Pham Ngoc My Linh - Purposes: Raising awareness of youngster about environmental issues and green behavior.
- Location: A secondary school in Hanoi.
- Time (expected): 8am-10.30am.
- Number of participants (expected): 500 students of the chosen school (12 classes from grade 5 to 9) . - Human resources:
5 exchange interns.
7-9 team members.
10-15 volunteers.
- Financial resources: 1 million VND.
- Media: Facebook and Forum. Recources External Relations Publicity Recycle toys competition Dividing students into 12 groups
Volunteers provide each groups a pack of tools.
Duration: 30 minutes
Topic: recycling toys. Action plan - Judgers: 5 exchange interns and 2 members.
- Jugment bases on: Usefulness, Creativity, Durablity, Number and Artistry.
- Prize:
1st place: voucher 50% off for making class uniform (from Bo Sua)
2nd place: voucher 30% off.
3th place: voucher 10% off. Award
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