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Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie

No description

Taylor Mulliken

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie

By: Jordan Sonnenblick Drums, Girls, and Dangerous pie. - Jeffery Alper
- Steven Alper
- Renee Albert
- Annette Watson
- Samantha Characters The story is being told by Steven, Jeffery's older brother. Settings There are multiple conflicts in this story. Jeffery get's Leukemia, and Steven feels helpless. He feels that he can't do anything about it, to help his brother. Also, with his parents having to deal with Jeffery's Leukemia, Steven feels like they are abandoning him. Steven has a pair of "special drumsticks" signed by Carter Beauford of the Dave Matthews Band.Jeffery took them to stir his "dangerous pie." Summary of the story The connection I made to this book was my grandma had cancer, but in her mouth. I went with my mom and her to the hospitals. She even moved in with us for 2 years. The theme I got from the story was that time heals all wounds. By: Jordan Sonnenblick - School
- Home
- The Band Room
- The Gym
- A hospital in Philadelphia Conflict Steven then went to make Jeffery some oatmeal, for breakfast. Jeffery fell off the stool, and hit his nose on the counter, his nose started bleeding. Since, his bloody nose wouldn't stop bleeding, Jeffery went to the emergency room. The doctor told Jeffery's mother he was limping, and the nose bleed shouldn't have lasted that long. He told her that Jeffery might have a type of cancer called Leukemia. His blood cells would be low, and can't heal an injury very fast. That's why his nose wouldn't stop bleeding. Jeffery and his mom go to Philadelphia to see if he really does have cancer. When they come back, his tests were positive. Steven got sick and had to live with his grandparents, because his brothers immune system was so bad he couldn't get sick. Renee tried to help Steven get caught up on his math homework, after he got better. When he open's the door to let her in she coughed. Steven couldn't let her in because his brother sill couldn't get sick. Steven started having this dream where he threw snowballs to his bother. But every time it hit him, he bruised him very badly. Steven went to see the school counselor, and she told him to focus on the things he can change, rather than the things he can't. Annette fell down a flight of stairs in her house and broke her arm. So, she wasn't able to play the piano in the band concert. Steven decided his family needed to save money. So, he quits drumming, but the teacher says he will teach him for free. When the people in band find out there is a new requirement to do charity work, Annette and Renee decide to make the next concert a benefit concert to raise money for Jeffery. Their mom got sick, so when Jeffery had to be taken to Philadelphia for his treatments, Steven and his dad took him. While at the hospital Steven met a girl named Sam. He felt bad because her sister never came to visit her. She made Steven promise to always stay with his brother. Steven gave Sam his favorite pair of practicing drumming sticks and pad. She thanked him, and the next day Steven heard her practicing. The day of the concert Jeffery and Steven walked in the band room, and everyone shaved their heads. Jeffery got a fever during the concert, and Steven has to decide to stay or go. He went with his brother because of the promise he made to Sam. Jeffery only had an ear infection, but Steven felt better because it could have been worse. The concert raised $23,489.17 Steven graduated and started dating Annette, and became friends with Renee. When Steven when to the hospital again Sam had passed away, and still didn't get to see her sister. Sam left a package for Steven, they were the Promark 5-A drumsticks he gave to her. And there was a note inside. The note said "Thank you for the company and the loan. Please think of me when you use these, okay? love, Sam." Steven will now always have two pairs of special sticks. Steven earned the school's outstanding musical achievement award. Jeffery won his fight with cancer, and started growing hair again. And Steven finally got to say "I love you" to his brother. The End. The End.
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