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No description

Molly Guenther

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Personality

Factors that influence personality:
-Birth order
-Parental Characteristics (age, education, religion, economic position)
-Cultural environment
-Heredity (aptitude)

Your personality is developed by a mix of DNA, Environment, Education and peers. Anything can have an impact on your personality including illness, handicap, diverse parents, drugs, etc.
Positive personality traits: being honest no matter the consequences. Having responsibilities for all your actions. Having the drive to keep going, having compassion and understanding are positive personality traits. Getting up with the courage to do what is right in tough situations and being loyal to your friends.
Negative personality traits:
Being Selfish and only looking out for your own gains. Being rude by treating people with no respect. Being angry or mad about a situation and letting it rule your life. Most people know how to handle their anger but if you can't you may have a negative personality.

Our personality is determined by a mix of many many things: DNA, Environment,
Education, peers, teachers, public ,
socialization. Anything which influences
you as a young person can affect your
personality. Illness, handicaps,
etc. can also, not necessarily for the worse.
16 types of personality
Personality refers
to the part of the
brain that develops the way we walk and talk and how we do our daily things
while their are many di
Personality Disorder
Personality refers to a distinctive set of traits, behavior styles, and patterns that make up our characters individuality. How we perecieve the world, our attitudes, thoughts and feelings.
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