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Brandy Rhoades

on 13 November 2018

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Testing Dates
Tues. April 10:
4th Grade Writing
5th Grade Math

Wed. April 11:
5th Grade Reading

Our Security Plan
Active Monitoring
Security Oath
Seating Charts
Administrator monitoring

All testing administrators must be trained.

A trained test administrator must be present in the testing room at all times.

Each test administrator will maintain and preserve the security and confidential integrity of the test.

This includes accounting for all test materials BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER each test administration.

Preparing for Test Administration


monitor at all times. Make sure students are bubbling in the correct subject area of their answer document (small groups).
remind students to record their responses and verify that students have bubbled their answers

During Administration:
Ensure each student receives the
correct assessment and testing materials.
Ensure students receive appropriate accommodations
Testing personnel may NOT:
provide assistance
view the test without authorization
discuss confidential student information
check for or encourage strategies

PLEASE READ the test administrator's manual thoroughly.
Test administrators are not allowed to:
translate test questions or prompts.
rephrase or add information.
discuss test questions with anyone
before, during, or after the test.

account for all test booklets and answer documents .
administer the correct assessment
with appropriate accommodations as assigned.

Keep test materials with you at all times when not in use.

No unauthorized viewing, discussion or scoring is allowed.

No duplication of test materials.

Administer all tests according to the instruction manual.

Please start your tests by 8:45/9:00

Do not reveal or answer any questions related to content at any time. If a student asks a question that you are not permitted to answer, you respond,
"I can't answer that for you; just do the best you can."

Do not review student responses, change responses, or instruct a student to do so.

After test administration:

No unauthorized viewing.
If you read a test orally, please do not discuss the test with others.
No scoring of student responses.
No discussion of confidential student information.
No erasing of stray marks or darkening response bubbles.
Account for all test materials.
Testing Material Distribution
~On the day of the TEST~

You will be provided with two sharpened pencils and an eraser for each student. Please have scratch paper available for students. If you have taught students to use highlighters, please have those available as well.

will print their first and last name in the space marked "STUDENT NAME" at the top of the test booklet. (Even though there is a label)

On the back of each booklet, there is a printed number. Each booklet has a different number. This number has nine digits followed by a hyphen and then another digit. The students will copy ONLY the nine digits onto their answer document where it says "TEST BOOKLET #"

Students should not bubble anything on the front of the ANSWER DOCUMENT. If a student writes any information on the answer document that is not required by the directions - HAVE THE STUDENTS ERASE THE IMFORMATION IMMEDIATELY.

Test administrators should scan the answer documents as they are turned in only to verify that all responses are marked. You are allowed to
say the following if the student has not filled in all the bubbles:
Test Booklets &
Answer Documents!
the Testing
The ROOM should be:
Testing Day Reminders :

Please monitor your students in the hallways. We will have small groups throughout the building. Please keep them as quiet as possible.

NO library, computer lab, Music or ISS on testing days.

Please check the lunch schedule.


Extended Time (Same day)
Franklin Speller
Word List
Read Prompt (any student)
Calculator (5th ONLY)
Think Sheet/Math Chart
Basic Transcribing

This Training DOES NOT take the place of reading your Test Administrator Manual!!!
Monday, May 14th:
3rd & 4th Math
5th Math retest

Tuesday, May 15th:
3rd and 4th Reading
5th Reading Retest

Wednesday, May 16th:
5th Grade Science

Thursday/Friday (May 17th ,18th ):
Make-Up Test

Only authorized personnel have access to secure test materials.
Investigating and reporting irregularities:
Each person participating in the Texas student assessment program is responsible for reporting any suspected violation of test security or confidentiality.
Incidents that result in a deviation from documented testing procedures are defined as testing irregularities and fall into one of two categories - Procedural or Serious.

Procedural Irregularities:

If a test amdinistrator failed to issue the correct materials or students were provided nonallowable materials
If testing personnel who were not properly trained were allowed to administer tests or handle secure materials
If a student was permitted to test beyond the required four-hour time period or was not provided the full four-hour time period.
If a test administrator failed to use the test administration materials or failed to read aloud the bolded, scripted test administration directions verbatim as outlined in the test administration materials
If a student was provided an nonallowable accommodation

Examples of Monitoring Errors:
A test administrator left a room unmonitored while students were testing
A test administrator left secure materials unattended or secure online assessments open and visible.
A test administrator accepted a blank answer document from an examiner.
Monitoring Irregularities continued:
Students who had not finished testing were not properly monitored during a break
A test administrator failed to properly monitor a test session and did not ensure that students worked independently and/or did not notice that an examinee placed or received a cell phone call or text message during a test administration
A student was allowed to remove secure materials from the testing area

Investigating and reporting irregularities:
All incidents both Procedural and Serious must be investigated immediately to gather all necessary evidence.
All incidents must be reported to TEA

You will be given only one set of
test materials for each student.
If you are administering an oral test, you will receive a test booklet to read from.
You may begin picking up test materials at 7:15 a.m. Carefully count tests & answer documents and sign the Materials Control Form.
Day 2 of testing....make sure each student gets their test booklet.
Your testing material should never be out of your sight once you pick it up from me on the day of the test.
Well lit, quiet, and comfortable
Testing signs should be posted
Clock or stop-watch must be available to monitor the 4 hour time limit
Displays that give
direct answers
should be covered or removed
Computers can be on only if using to keep up with the time. - Teachers should not turn on their computer until the 4 hour time limit is up.
Desk and work areas should be suffiently separated
Students should not have access to nonallowable materials.
Please make sure at least the day before the test, that you have scratch paper, highlighters, kleenex, etc...

It is REQUIRED that we have a procedure in place to prevent the use of cell phones and personal electronic devices!

Teacher's cell phones must be turned
during all testing. Please let your friends and family know that you will not have access to your phone during this 4 hour time period. Please have them call the office if there is an emergency and we will immediately get that message to you.


Have all necessary information readily available and handy. Kim, Michele, and Justa will be making the rounds frequently.
Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.
Allowable Test Accommodations (Designated Supports):
If a 504/SPED student requires the use of one or more of these tools, it will be noted on the testing roster.
All other students should be familiar with the use of these materials/procedures
Any scratch paper used by students must be collected and turned in to be destroyed.

All STUDENTS can receive the following:
Allowing a student to read aloud to facilitate comprehension
Reading the writing prompt to any student who requests this assistance (Rosters denote students who have this read without requesting it)
The following assistive tools need to be available:

scratch paper, color overlays, blank place markers, magnifying devices, highlighters, colored pencils, or crayons
Procedures to minimize distractions:
stress ball, noise-reducing headphones, etc.)
Reminders to stay on task

**Please discuss with your group the type of accommodations they have. (Extended Time, Oral Admin) Page 16
Do Not Reminders...
DO NOT allow students to work on a test section that has not been administered. (No Seals - watch carefully)

DO NOT allow students to return to a previous test section.

DO NOT require students to mark answers in the test booklet and then transfer to the answer document.

DO NOT allow students to talk to each other while test booklets are open or before the 4 hour time limit is over.

DO NOT allow students to be out of their seats while others are still testing or before the 4 hour time limit is over.
There is a four hour time limit

Students with extended time have the entire school day to test

Use a classroom clock or timer to monitor remaining time. Be sure to communicate (orally or in writing) the amount of time left to test in one hour intervals and, if desired, in shorter intervals during the last hour.

Student responses must be recorded before the 4 hour time period ends.

Record start and stop times on seating chart.

The 4 hour time limit begins after all test directions have been read and the students have been instructed to begin.

If a child comes in late, remember to document his/her start time. He/She will have a different STOP and START time than everyone else in the classroom

STAAR Time Limit Policy:
Penalties for Prohibited Conduct and Testing Irregularities
Placement of restrictions on the Texas Teacher Certificate
Issuance of a reprimand
Suspension of a Texas Teacher Certificate for a set term
Cancellation of Texas Teacher Certificate
What's included in the 4 hour time limit: (not allowed to stop
the clock) :
water breaks, restroom breaks, snack breaks,
short physical and
mental breaks
Stop the clock for
the following:
supervised lunch
medical breaks to the nurse
consolidation and movement of students to another testing area.
Please follow directions on "Check-Off" Sheet Provided
Remind students to erase any stray marks they might have made. (TEST ADMINISTRATORS are not allowed to erase stray marks)
Check that test security code on answer document matches that on test booklet.
Verify all test booklets are accounted for.
Follow the directions on the check-off sheet in your bucket on whether to separate the booklets and answer documents or not.
Gather ALL scratch paper and turn it in to be shredded.
Return ALL testing materials to Mrs. Rhoades. She will count the test booklets and answer documents and sign the Materials Control Form.

April 10th
4th Grade ~ 11:00
5th Grade ~ 11:45
3rd Grade ~ Field Trip

April 11th

5th Grade ~ 11:00
3rd Grade ~ 11:45
4th Grade ~ 12:30
A huge
to everyone! It takes the entire staff plus tons of extras to make our STAAR testing days go smoothly. Everyone has worked really hard to make sure that our students at Bradfrod Elementary are prepared.

You are so
A restroom monitor will be assigned to student restrooms. Please allow only one boy and one girl to leave the testing area at a time. Test booklets must be closed with answer documents inside when a student takes a break.
STAAR Online
STAAR Spanish

Please keep your manual for all testing administrations!
4th Grade Writing:

Any student can have the writing
prompt read to them. They just
raise their hand and ask.
There are certain students
that MUST have the
prompt read. This
will be listed
as an

Administrator Test Instructions:

*****READ page 43 - 46 before you
give any test!
3rd Math page 54
3rd Reading page 54
4th Writing page 47
4th Math page 54
4th Reading page 54
5th Math page 54
5th Reading page 54
5th Science page 54
STAAR Online page 73
What can the students do
when they finish their STAAR TEST?

1. Read
2. Read
3. Read
4. Read
5. Lay their heads down and sleep? - NO!!!!
6. Talk? Sing? Whisper?- NO!!!!!
7. Make paper airplanes? - NO!!!
8. Play on chromebooks? - NO!!!
9. Draw? Color? Charades? - NO!!!

District #:
Phone #:

The Test Administrator Manual States......... (Page 57)

"If you need help with a word, phrase, or sentence in a test question or answer choice, raise your hand and I will read it for you."
Marking SCORE on each Answer Document:

Serious Irregularities:

directly or indirectly assisting students with test questions
tampering with student responses
scoring student test
duplicating, recording, or electronically capturing confidential test content
discussing secure test content before, during, or after an administration
Oral Administration:
Math & Science
- You can read all the questions and answer choice.
- You can only read the questions and answer choice. You are NOT ALLOWED to read the passages.
If a students take more than 2 hours to complete a test, we have to record it on the answer document.
(Page 12 in manual)


Test Administrators are
allowed to read words that students are having a hard time understanding the Text To Speech.

*Page 92-94 Test Icons


* There will be no seals in the booklets
* Any contaminated booklets (vomit, blood, or other bodily fluid) will no longer be required to be returned to TEA. The serial number has to be sent in an email to ETS.
* Dictionary Policy - 4th Writing and 3-5 Reading
(1 per every 5 students minimum)
*Scratch paper can be lined, unlined, or graph paper.
*Online Testing - sticky note feature - stays on the screen
*Online Testing - Spelling assistance - will offer student 5 choices to choose from

Fill out the top part of your oath. (NOT in the box)

IF you read any part of the test, that is when you sign the bottom part of the oath. All 3rd grade teachers, STAAR ALT testers, and any oral test administrators will sign the bottom part, in the box, once testing is over.

An instructional environment should be maintained during the testing windows. It is not necessary to
conceal or remove

instructional or reference material
in the testing area, the classroom, or hallways unless they could provided a direct source of answers for the subject-area assessment being administered.
Math tables
for +, -, x and / facts during the math assessment.
containing tested info such as the moon phases, water cycle, or human body systems during the science admin.
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