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Kanysh Satpayev (1899-1964)

Kanysh Satpayev was the Kazakh geologist, a founder and the first President of the Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences

Emma Kalani

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Kanysh Satpayev (1899-1964)

The most famous graduates of the TPU NATIONAL RESEARCH TOMSK POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY Kanysh Satpayev (1899-1964) Contents Made by Kalani Emma
group 9a82 Tomsk 2012 Ранняя биография Ранняя биография

Professional working

World War II

Awards and memory of Kanysh Satpayev

Conclusion Kanysh Satpayev was

The prominent Kazakh geologist,

A founder,

The first President of the Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences,


Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy,

Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences,

The State and Lenin prize-winner In 1921 he got admitted to Tomsk Technological Institute

In 1926 Satpayev became the first qualified Kazakh mining engineer and geologist, graduating from the Siberian Technological Institute in Tomsk Kanysh Satpayev

left after himself more than 640
scientific publications;

was a recognized leader of geology in the Soviet Union;

was one of the authors of the world's first metallogenic map;

created Institute of Geology in Kazakhstan. Satpayev was given

the direct responsibility of developing of the massive Zhezdy deposit;

the organization of its ferromanganese production. Now bears his name, the K.I. Satpayev
The geological research institute in Almaty

Institute of Geological Sciences,

A museum has been dedicated to him

An International K.I. Satpayev
Foundation has been established In 1999, the centenary of Kanysh Satpayev’s birth, the Republic of Kazakhstan issued a memorial 20 Tenge coin in his memory One of the planets of the solar system in the Taurus constellation is named after K.I. Satpayev;

His name was given to the mineral Satpayevite;

A glacier and mountain peak of the Jungar Alatau bear his name; The monument for Kanysh Satpaev in Pavolodar, Kazakhstan The monument in Atirau,
Kazakhstan The monument in Zhezkazgan,
Kazakhstan K.I. Satpayev monument in front of Kazakh National Technical University Kanysh Satpayev. Memorial desk in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan Date of issue: 5 April 1999 Education Education Professional working World War II Awards and memory of Kanysh Satpayev Awards and memory of Kanysh Satpayev Awards and memory of Kanysh
Satpayev Conclusion Thank you for
attention The monument for Kanysh Satpaev in Tomsk
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