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Mac Cosmetic Companies

No description

Elizabeth Ballew

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Mac Cosmetic Companies

Mac Cosmetic Companies
year M.A.C came out/ begin
Why would it be important for you to have good customer relations skills to work for this company?
its important to have these skills because you have to work with many different people depending on the day/hour.
The mission of M.A.C is to be the best cosmetic store in the world.
3 facts
All products are tested
M.A.C. was founded when a makeup artist and a photographer became frustrated by how bad most makeup seemed to read in photos.
Makeup artists can sign up for a special program with the company to get 40 percent off M.A.C. products
Why would it be important for you to have good IT skills in order to work for this company?
You need these if people order online you know exactly what they want and how to send it to them and how to correctly get their money
Why would it be important for you to have good computer skills (MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc.) to work for this company?
It would be good to have these skills in case you are somewhere showing off your productyou can have a good presentation
Position open posted on the company website
Meup Artist
Field Leadership
M.A.C freestanding store
Who is the president or leader of the company?
Frank Toskan
Where is the company headquarters facility located?
About an hour out in Markham
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