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Free inc.

No description

Aziza Alford

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Free inc.

Are you the type of person that does thrilling things while screaming"Geronimo!?" Or never backs down from interesting experiences? Then you should visit the Amazon Rainforest where you'll be screaming "Geronimo!" the whole day.
Since you might be traveling in the Amazon Rainforest, you might need a little background information. If you are going to travel there, you must know that not every season is good. The best season is in the dry season. Although it may be, well...dry, you can still see many animals in their natural habitat. A good way to see these animals, is take a boat down the amazon river. If you take this trip, you will need bug repellant, a backpack with a water bottle, sunscreen , and maybe an extra pair of pants.
Toucans are amazing animals in the amazon rainforest. They have colorful beaks and have black feathers as well. Toucans eat fruits like bananas, passion fruit, apples, and grapes. Their strong big beaks can even break coconuts!
Lemurs have grayish-blackish-whitish fur.They are small and bite if you get to close.Very little lemurs live in the amazon rainforest.Their diet is fruits and vegetables such as apples,leafs,and melons.
The amazon rainforest is one of the biggest tropical rainforest in the world. It covers more than five in a half million square kilometers. Also, over half of the amazon rainforest is located in south american countries for example, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, and Guyana. The Amazon Rainforest holds 20% of fresh water on earth. Finally, Amazon Rainforest pours 8 trillion gallons of water in the ocean.
From Kapok trees to lipstick trees, Bromeliads to Sapodillas and coco trees the amazon rainforest is full of interesting plants. Coco trees produce our chocolate that a majority of us eat every day. While, a strangler fig attacks a tree and takes it over. The Amazon Rainforest even produces 20% of the Earth's oxygen.

The average temperatures in the dry season range from the high-eighties to the low-nineties. This "dry season" that I keep talking about spans from around July to around December. If you end up going, have fun!
In the Amazon Rainforest there are some very interesting animals. And no, you will not just be seeing your stereotypical monkeys and stuff, you will actually see some other cool animals. These are, but not limited to Toucans and Lemurs.
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