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King Narmer

No description

Piper Mcquesten

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of King Narmer

King Narmer King Narmer's Family King Narmer's important dates The man who united Upper and Lower Egypt King Narmer's wife was named Nithotep who was a princess. He had one son named Hor-Aha. Hor-Aha went on to be a pharaoh like his father. His wife most likely didn't have much to do with King Narmer's decisions and success. But it is believed that he married into a family that lived in lower Egypt. That probably was one of the ways he united the two places. It is also possible that he had another child but I don't know the child's name, and he or she is not mentioned in most articles about King Narmer's family. In one site though, it said he probably had two children. The cause of his death is not known. He most likely died of sickness because he aws only60 when he died. He was born and raised in Egypt. Though I don't know the time King Narmer reigned, I estimate it was about 3160-3120 B.C. He wasn't the first person to try to unite Upper and Lower Egypt, but he was the first successful person. Another interesting thing about King Narmer is that he wore a double crown. A white, bowling pin shaped crown of Lower Egypt, and a red, open crown of Upper Egypt. That was the symbol to show that Upper and Lower Egypt were united and that he ruled both kingdoms Benefits King Narmer benefited himself and many other people. He benefited others because when he united Upper and Lower Egypt, people in Upper Egypt got the natural resources they needed from Lower Egypt and vice versa. King Narmer benefited himself because there wouldn't be wars between the two places now that they were one kingdom. King Narmer was born in 3180 B.C He died in 3120B.C. Interesting facts about King Narmer King Menes could have been the same person as King Narmer and the Scorpion King could have been the same person too. Some other articles say otherwise though. The Narmer Palette had a hole in it for mixing up eye shadows. (The Narmer Palette was an artifact found that showed King Narmer and some other people on it.) Influences The thing king Narmer will be remembered for the most is uniting Upper and Lower Egypt. He made it so the people in Upper Egypt got the natural resources that the people in Lower Egypt had. He definitely will be remembered for that. If he hadn't ever united the two kingdoms, they still might be two separate places. Another thing he did that had an influence on people was wearing the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. It helped remind people that they were one kingdom now ruled by one king. sources www.nndb.com/people/540/000163051/


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