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Alana Czajkowski

on 7 June 2010

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Transcript of Hawaii

Double click anywhere & add an idea History
Discovered by Polynesians from Tahiti in 300-750 AD
Named the islands Hawaii
1778 British Captain James Cook named the islands the Sandwich Islands after the Earl of Sandwich
1810 Islands are united by King Kamehameha the Great
1840 first constitution established
1893 Queen Liliuokalani surrenders kingdom to the US
1900 becomes US territory
1934 FDR first president to visit the Hawaiian islands
Dec. 7, 1941 Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor
1959 becomes the 50th state of the US Fun Facts
Eight islands:
and Big Island or Hawaii

Most isolated population center on earth:

- 2,390 miles from California
- 3,850 miles from Japan
- 4,900 miles from China
- 5,280 miles from Philippines

Only state that grows coffee
1/3 of world's pineapples comes from Hawaii
From east to west, widest state
Mountain range tops highest in the world
Zenith Star (star directly above Hawaii) named Arturus. In Hawaiian, Hokule'a ( Hoo koo lay uh )
Only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet
- Vowels: A,E,I,O,U
- Consonants: H,K,L,M,N,P,W

Under sea volcanic eruptions formed the islands
The Big Island
4,038 square miles, double all islands put together
Parker Ranch, 480,000 acres, largest ranch in U.S.
800,000 years old, youngest island, but 1st discovered
Kilauea volcano, most active volcano
World's biggest telescope and more scientific observatories in one place
Leader in macadamia nuts and orchid harvesting Niihau
Privately owned
Mostly for raising livestock
Legendary home of Goddess Pele
Population 230
69 square miles Kauai
4th largest island
Has one of the wettest spots on Earth
-Waialeale Mountain 488 inches per year Oahu
Honolulu is the largest city in the world, border wise
Any island not named to a county belongs to Honolulu
About 1500 miles long more than halfway across 48 states
11th largest metropolitan area in the nation
Iolani Palace, only royal palace in the U.S.
World's largest wind generator
- 2 blades 400 ft long on a tower
20 stories tall
Draws more visitors than any island
1/3 of states best surfing beaches

Haleakala (HA-lay-ah-ja-lah) crater - world's largest dormant volcano molokai
east end - tropical rain forest receives 240 in. or rain per year
Ranch Wildlife Park home to rare African and Indian animals
World's largest sea cliffs
Hawaii's largest waterfall
largest white sand beach in the state Lanai
Considered most secluded island
Once home of largest pineapple plantation
Hulope Bay - marine preserve considered one of the best diving spots in the world Hotel Info
Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa
Sheraton Waikiki
Feast of Kalua pig cooked in an imu (earth oven), haupia (coconut pudding), and poi (Hawaiian taro starch)
Hula dances and live music
Traditional celebration of food, entertainment, and Polynesian culture Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Memorial
Site where World War II began and ended
1,177 people died

Iolani Palace
Only official state residence of royalty in U.S.
Open as a museum
Diamond Head
Amazing views of Waikiki and Honolulu Panaluu Black Sand Beach
One of the most famous black sand beach
Can see Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles Volcanoes National Park
See lava meeting the sea
Home of Kilauea Hilo Farmers Market
One of hawaii's best known markets
Sample fresh fruit Rainbow Falls
Known for rainbows in the waterfall's mist Surfing
Known as "Sport of Kings" Sea Cave Kayak Adventure
Can see: sea caves with pink walls and electric blue waters, dry lava tubes, sea turtles, spinner dolphins, octopus, eels, tide pools, and you can jump off 12-25 foot cliffs
You can also snorkle and swim THE End By Alana Czajkowski
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