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Ancient Rome

No description

Tyson k

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Ancient Rome

Gods and religion
753 b.c. Rome is founded
509 b.c. Roman becomes republic
45 b.c. Julius Caesar becomes the first dictator of Rome.
Jakob and Joey
picture of Rome and location
Ancient Rome
By: Marki Hesse, Tyson Koplan, Jakob Allore , Joey Pepe
The Romans improved their art by copying it from the Greeks.

Roman people originally wore a large piece of wool wrapped around them, until they met people from Greece and Egypt and started to wear linen tunics.

On February 21st (Feralia) Romans brought offerings to dead ancestors. But if they didn't because they were distracted by war, the dead ancestors would roam around the streets as angry ghosts.
The soil was good so crops could be grown easily
It was surrounded by 7 hills, offering a natural defensive barrier
It was by a river,(the Tiber river), giving these early settlers access to fresh water for drinking and bathing, as well as a waterway for trade
Roman also built aqueducts they were built to bring water into the city they used to use he Tiber river then they knew that`s were there trash went
Vespasion started creating one of the fascinating work of architecture in the world the Colosseum built 70 - 80 ad and finished by titus

Ancient Rome believed that there were spirits and guardian gods for everything trees, rocks, bridges, everything had its own guardian spirit or god.
Some gods like Jupitor, Juno, Minervo, Vesta, Ceres, Diana, Venus, Mars, Neptunus.
Rome got most of there religion and gods from greek.
Some planets were named after the gods.
Jakob and Joey
Plebeians were the people who farmed, baked, built, and they were craftsmen.

The Etruscans were the dominant culture in the Italian Peninsula.
The Etruscans formed a cofederation which was a group of governments joined together for a common purpose.
After a while, the Roman republic rebelled and formed a republic which was that citizens elected leaders to represent them in a assembly.
Consuls, which were two elected leaders, headed the republic and led the army.
If something happened to their leader, they could elect a dictator which was a ruler with absolute authority.
The most powerful body in Rome was the senate.
When plebians, common people of Rome, set up an assembly, they elected leaders called tribunes.
time line

More pictures
Concrete- concrete was one of the most important inventions without it there will be no Colloseum or Roman Furums.

Newspaper- Romans made newspaper to detail their military.

Roads and Highways- Romans made roads to get around a lot faster. Some roads and highways are still around today.

Romans Arches- arches existed roughly 4,000 years. Romans were the first to harness the power of bridges.
This is a prezi of Ancient Rome. By Marki, Tyson, Jakob, and Joey.
Their weapons included
The Gladius- it was a short stabbing weapon with a blade length of around of 50-60 cm it was a primary weapon for Roman soldiers.

Spatha- it had replaced Gladius, the length of the blade was around 60-80 cm with a shorter point.

Contos- was a long wooden cavalry lance which was 4-5 m. It took 2 hands to wield the weapon.

Pilum- was 2m long, it was the main heavy spear or javelin.


Julius Ceaser
Roman alphabet
Mount Vesuvius a volcano it erupted many times but in 79 A.D. it buried Pompeii in lava.

Alomst 2,000 died and was abandoned for many years.

Pompeii before the eruption attracted wealthy vacationers who wanted to soak up in the sun.

Mount Vesuvius formed for hundreds of thousands of years and erupted for generations.
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