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MHS Sophomore Orientation

No description

Stacey Murdoch

on 22 January 2018

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Transcript of MHS Sophomore Orientation

Regent's Scholarship
Complete a core course of study
Maintain a minimum 3.3 GPA
Score at least a compostite score of 22 on the ACT
Fill out the FAFSA
Complete the application and meet all deadlines
Graduate from a Utah high school
Meet citizenship requirements

English 10


Honors English 10
Summer assignment required
See Mr. Wood's website
University of Utah requires 2 years in grades 7-12 of the same language

Regent's Scholarship requires 2 years in grades 9-12 of the same language

World Civilizations


AP World History

.5 of Social Studies elective credit
Can be taken any grade

3.0 Social Studies credits are required for the Regent's Scholarship
Secondary Math ll


Honors Secondary Math ll
Students need to stay in honors all year
4 years of math content covered in 3 years
Honors math is for students planning to take AP Calculus in their senior year
Health Education
Intro to Health Science (.5 Health/.5 CTE)
for students interested in healthcare occupations

Fitness for Life
Men's or Women's Athletics
if recommended by coach
1.5 of any Art credit

.5 Digital Studies required
Exploring Computer Science
Principles of Computer Science
Web Development
Computer Programming

1.0 of any Career/Tech Ed credit
.5 Must be completed at MHS
GOAL: Successful sophomore year!
Murray High School
Navigating the Road Ahead
Ways to Earn College Credit

Concurrent Enrollment
SLCC classes taught at MHS
College level classes
Must be admitted to SLCC ($40) and pass prerequisite testing, if required
Must pass the class with a C or higher to earn college credit
Advanced Placement Classes
Most difficult classes offered
Must pass test ($90-95) in May to earn college credit
Other Things You Need to Know
Four classes each day on a block schedule
Two 30 minute lunches-open campus
Check Aspire at least weekly
Free math and English labs after school
You must have your learner's permit on the first day of class to take driver's ed
Website and M Book
Registration Process
RJH-February 12th and 13th
HJH-February 14th and 15th
Turn in registration sheet
Students may change course requests until the end of the school year
Concurrent enrollment forms (receipt of admission and parent permission) due by March 2nd
Choose classes wisely-After the first 4 days of school there will be no student initiated changes until the end of the semester
There is a $10 fee for a schedule change
Registration Part 2
Complete online registration forms in July
Attend returning student registration in August (usually the 2nd week)
Receive schedule
Pay any outstanding fees
Tour school
See counselor if needed

Attendance Policy
Students can't earn a MHS diploma with U's on their transcript

U's are earned by:
1 unexcused absence in any one class
3 tardies in any one class
4 or more excused absences in any one class
These may be appealed by completing form in main office

First semester if birthday is February 1 or before
Second semester if birthday is February 2 or later
Must have learner's permit to take driver's ed on the first day of class
Summer driver's ed offered through Murray School District

Schedule Changes
Schedule changes the first four days of the semester before/after school
No student initiated schedule changes at the quarter
A $10 fee will be charged for non-essential changes
Earn 27 total credits

Pass all core requirements

Satisfactory citizenship 10-12 grades

Pass the state Civics test


Chemistry, Honors Chemistry or AP Biology
must have first taken Biology
A-D Wendy Sanders

E-K Stacey Murdoch

L-Ri Amy Knox

Ro-Z Lisa White


follow gomurrayhigh

to 40404
Stay in the Know
Award amounts will be determined annually based on available funding
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