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Unit 6, Sec 3 - Arithmetic Sequences

No description

Sarah Jones

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of Unit 6, Sec 3 - Arithmetic Sequences

Objective: I will write the explicit formula for an arithmetic sequence and use it to make predictions.
Sec 4: Arithmetic Sequences
Ex 4:
Ex 2: Quality Core Practice
What do you think each of these variables represent?
The nth Term of an Arithmetic Sequence:

The nth term of an arithmetic sequence in which the first term and the common difference are given has the formula
1. 5, -13, -31, ...

2. 12, 3, -6, ...
Ex 3: Using the Arithmetic Formula

A. Find the explicit formula for each sequence.
B. Find the 15th term using the explicit formula.
Homework: Arithmetic
Sequences Worksheet
*Challenge Problem*

If the 6th term is 12 and the common difference is 8, can you write an equation for the arithmetic sequence and then find the 50th term?
Ex 1: State the common difference and give the next 3 terms.

A. 5, -13, -31 ...

B. 9, 16, 23, 30 ...
This is called an EXPLICIT FORMULA
because it finds an EXPLICIT term.
(It finds the exact term you want).
Do Now - You have 1 minute to work at a Level 0.
Have a calculator!!!!
You just bought a car and your first car payment is $122. Each day that you are late will add an additional $5 per day. How much will you owe if you pay your car payment 11 days late?
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