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Ethanol Production From Corn

Ethanol is being created using corn bushels to help reduce pollution and transportation costs.

Leah Sandefur

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of Ethanol Production From Corn

Ethanol Production From Corn What impact does ethanol production from corn make on the environment? Chemical Formula The chemical equation for
the reaction is:
C6H12O6=2C2H5OH+2CO2 C2H5OH is the ethanol molecule In this reaction there is
one glucose molecule that
is converted into two
ethanol molecules and two
carbon dioxide molecules There is a
catalyst in this
reaction which is
an enzyme catalyst
which helps break
down the corn faster Catalysts Catalysts are a substance
that is added to help make
a reaction go faster Balancing Equations It is important to balance
an equation because it tells
you the proper quantities of
each substance involved The equation used to make ethanol is a balnced equation because you can count how many of each element there is on each side and they are both equal to each other How is Ethanol Made? The corn is grinded into starch,
then the substance is liqufied, then it goes through many prosessing plants to get as much alcohol out of the substance as possible. Then there are enzymes that are added to break up the corn meal the substance is eventually turned into 200 proof alcohol What is Ethanol? Ethanol is 95% alcohol which is used in gasoline to boost the octane level which will boost the level of performance for your car How Does the Production of Ethanol from Corn Help the Environment? What ever is left over from the process is turned into a wet meal for livestock and it is called wet feed. Also the company who produces the ethanol use inexpensive transprtation systems so the ethanol can get to the gas stations faster. Product The product in the rection is C2H5OH
which is 2 atoms of carbon, 5 atoms
of Hydrogen, 1 atom of Oxygen, and
1 atom of another atom of Hydrogen. Reactant The reactant in this equation
is C6H12O6 which is 6 atoms
of carbon, 12 atoms of
Hydrogen, and 6 atoms of oxygen What I Learned I learned that ethanol is mostly alcohol and it is used to boost the octane level in cars. I also learned that it takes over 72 hours to make pure ethanol. Ethanol takes over 50 million bushel of corn per day to create the ethanol. I also learned that the left over corn meal tat was not used in the ethanol can be created into wet feed for livestock which is a huge protien benefit for them. Video Link http://www.ethanolrfa.org/resource/made/
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