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Civil War Battles PowerPoint

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Ryan Jones

on 31 May 2012

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Transcript of Civil War Battles PowerPoint

Civil War Fort Sumter Casualties Number Of Deaths - Number Of Injuries - 9 0 During the Fort Sumter Battle alone, the only death was the surrender of the Union. while attending a 100 Gun Salute before lowering the US flag, a spark hit a cannon's keg, causing the death of one soldier, Private Daniel Hough. After Generals Union - Major Robert Anderson Confederacy - General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard Anecdotes Told that his answer was unacceptable and that Beauregard would open fire in one hour, Anderson shook the hands of the messengers and said in parting, "If we do not meet again in this world, I hope we may meet in the better one." - Maj. Robert Anderson Maj. Robert Anderson Gen. Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard 1st Battle Of Bull Run Casualties On April 13, 1861, Maj. Robert Sanders surrendered the Fort to the Confederacy, and the next day, April 14, 1861, the Union's troops evacuated, leaving the Confederacy as victors of the first battle of the bloodiest war. (The Battle Of Fort Sumter) Union The Union Lost 2,896 Men 460 Killed 1,124 Wounded 1,312 Missing or held prisoner Confederacy The Confederacy Lost 1,982 Men 387 Killed 1,582 Wounded 13 Missing Generals Union - Brigadier General Irvin McDowell Confederacy - Brigadier General Joseph E. Johnston Brigadier General P.G.T. Beauregard Anecdote "Then, Sir, we will give them the bayonet!" Stonewall Jackson's reply to Colonel B.E Bee when he reported that the
enemy were beating them back. - Thomas Stonewall Jackson The Confederacy become victors of The First Battle Of Bull Run because they had a secret weapon, and that secret weapon was transportation by train. Once the trainloads of Confederate troops arrived, the Union fell apart and soldiers ran north. Shiloh Casualties Union The Union Lost 13,047 Men 1,754 Killed 8,408 Wounded 2,885 Captured Or Missing Confederacy The Confederacy Lost 10,699 Men 1,728 Killed 8,012 Wounded 959 Captured Or Missing Generals Union - Major General Ulysses S. Grant Major General Don Carlos Buell Confederacy - General Albert Sidney Johnston General P.G.T. Beauregard Anecdotes "My aim, then, was to whip the rebels, to humble their pride, to follow them to their inmost recesses, and make them fear and dread us. Fear is the beginning of wisdom. " - William T. Sherman Seven Days Battle Casualties Union The Union Lost 15,855 Men 1,734 Killed 8,066 Wounded 6,055 Missing Or Captured Condeferacy The Confederacy Lost 20,204 Men 3,494 Killed 15,758 Wounded 952 Missing Or Captured Generals Union - General George B. McClellan Confedercy - General Robert E. Lee Anecdotes We were lavish of blood in those days, and it was thought to be a great thing to charge a battery of artillery or an earthwork lined with infantry." - Major General D.H. Hill 2nd Battle Of Bull Run Casualties Union Approximately 10,000 Killed Or Wounded Confederacy Approximately 8,300 Men Lost Approx. 1,300 Killed Approx. 7,000 Wounded Generals Union - Major General John Pope Confederacy - General Robert E. Lee Major General Thomas J. Jackson Lieutenant General James Longstreet Anecdotes General Robert E. Lee sent a message to Jackson through Chaplain Lacy, saying "Give General Jackson my affectionate regards, and say to him: he has lost his left arm but I my right." Robert E. Lee Antietam Casualties Union The Union Lost 12,401 Men 2,108 Killed 9,540 Wounded 753 Captured Or Missing Confederacy The Confederacy Lost 10,316 Men 1,546 Killed 7,752 Wounded 1,018 Captured Or Missing Generals Union - Major General George B. McClellan Confederacy - General Robert E. Lee Anecdotes “Hatch, Hatch, what is all of this?”
“Why, Mr. Lincoln, this is the Army of the Potomac.”
“No, Hatch, no. This is General McClellan’s bodyguard!” Lincoln to O. M. Hatch on a hillside at Antietam overlooking the Union Army’s camps. Vicksburg Casualties Union The Union Lost 4,835 Men In Total Confederacy 3,202 Killed Or Wounded 29,495 Captured Generals Union - General Ulysses S. Grant Confederacy - General John C. Pemberton Anecdotes We have our trenches pulled up so close to the enemy that we can throw hand grenades over into their forts. The enemy do not dare show their heads above the parapet at any time, so close and so watchful are our sharpshooters. The town is completely invested. My position is so strong that I feel myself abundantly able to lead its so and go out twenty or thirty miles with force enough to whip two such garrisons. - Ulysses S. Grant, writing to George G. Pride, June 15, 1863 The Victors of The Battle Of Vicksburg was the Union. The Union won since General John C Pemberton surrendered when he was short on food and supplies. The Union gained control of the Mississippi River and split the South into two. The North won most of the battle during the seven days battle, but McClellan retreated given the South the win. General Lee soon took command of the Northern Virginian Army. The Confederacy, although like Antietam, both sides killed so many of the other army that both claimed victory. The Confederacy is granted the historical victory because the Union Army eventually retreated. Both sides claimed that they came out ahead. It was a tactical win for the South, they managed to hold against Northern assaults, but a strategic win for the North, since it blunted Lee's first invasion and forced him to return to the South. Ultimately, Shiloh may be considered a Union victory because it led to later successful campaigns in the West. It was one of the bloodiest contests of the war, losses on each side reaching over 10,000, and, with the possible exceptions of Antietam and Gettysburg, it has been the subject of more controversy than any other Civil War battle.
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